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DJ Lighting - There are few DJ lighting effects as popular as the ADJ Vertigo. It casts 32 tight beams of light that dance and strobe to the music, pulse and spin with the rhythm, and generally pump up the energy of the show. Whether you're a club DJ, a wedding DJ, or even a musician looking for a cool effect to add to the show, you can trust this tried-and-true classic. In fact, there's only one major difference between the Vertigo Tri LED and the traditional Vertigo: the LEDs. These LEDs aren't your standard, run-of-the-mill variety either. Drawing a mere 9 watts a piece, these tricolor LEDs put out as much light as a 250W halogen lamp. That means you get all the excitement and effect you'd expect from a Vertigo light, without the heat or the high energy consumption. And because the LEDs are tricolored, the Vertigo Tri LED can instantly switch among seven different colors, all of which are more vibrant than any traditional DJ lighting effect. Without a doubt, the ADJ Vertigo Tri LED

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Product Title: American DJ Vertigo Tri-Color LED

Manufacturer: American DJ

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