Pearl Drums Cube Cajon w/ Stand

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The Cube Cajon dimensions offer a unique size and sound. Fiberglass body with fixed snares on the front and back and a Carubinga finish.Small in stature, but large in sound, the Cube Cajon is a square 12.5 x12.5 fiberglass cajon which features 5 diverse playing surfaces with one side ported for additional low frequency resonance.Multiple timbres are achievable via the Cube Cajon s varying wall thickness. The thinner the wall, the lower the pitch; the thicker the wall, the higher the pitch. Two sides come fixed with inner snare wires to produce a sizzling snare slap.The Cube Cajon comes with a versatile wooden cajon stand, providing 3 different playing heights. Play the cajon on the ground, or put it on the 11.5 lower half of the PCCS-100 Cube Cajon Stand stand to play the cajon at a comfortable sitting level. Add the top 7 half of the stand to play the cajon at a relaxed standing height.Includes the 2-section stackable PCCS-100 Cube Cajon Stand for low/high positions.


Product Title: Pearl Drums Cube Cajon w/ Stand

Manufacturer: Pearl Drums

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