Yamaha MOTIF XF6 Workstation Keyboard

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Professional Keyboards - Yamaha pulled out the stops with the MOTIF XF6, giving you an unbelievably feature-packed instrument for music performance and music production. This powerful workstation features an extraordinary collection of voices for you to get creative with. The Yamaha MOTIF XF6 offers everything from acoustic sounds to vintage synths to modern tones for hip-hop production. And with the new OS, complete with tap tempo, automapping, and a customizable user interface, the MOTIF XF6 is more powerful yet easier to use than ever.Yamaha MOTIF XF6 61-key Workstation at a Glance:Your personal hit-making assistantYou'll never run out of great soundsYour personal hit-making assistantWhen it's time to come up with new song ideas, you can count on your MOTIF XF6 to be your personal hit-making assistant. Use the 16-track sequencer to lay everything out the way you hear it in your head. Then, record everything via USB to keep track of your tunes. In fact, you've got USB, Ethernet, or o


Product Title: Yamaha MOTIF XF6 Workstation Keyboard

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Lowest Price: $2,399.99 from Amazon.com

Power Score: 5 | 4 Reviews

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Sweet Music to My Ears

For years I have mostly used the controllers with Instrument Banks. I first bought the MX61 two months ago and the sounds were amazing and wanted a professional version so got the Motif XF6. I am extremely please with purchase. I also purchased the added Firewire Card and the set up for P.T. DAW needs to be in writing you will sell more units with 16 Channels of Audio out of Motif. Very easy to...
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By EHollywood on Adorama - Oct 29, 2013

The Yamaha Motif 6 review by LesDavis

First off as a veteran of the Early 80's NYC studio scene the quality of Yamaha has always been the best there is. The MOTIF XF 6 supplies the feel and expressiveness of another pro key winner. I have been using Yamaha synths since 1981 so it was a natural choice. The action is firm and reliable. I spend the majority of my performance time on a Hammond Organ so feel is important on synthesizer...
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By LesDukeRiversDavis on Adorama - Oct 15, 2013

Musician's delight!

I am used to the old ways of the PSR series, so the MOTIF is new workflow for me. Still learning how to get my basic needs through motifator but the experience of playing my compositions and using the newer sounds is just so inspiring!

By Vinod on Adorama - Oct 16, 2012

A Musical Instrument In It's Own League

I have been a fan since owning a Motif ES6. I can vouch for this instrument. This instrument is the centerpiece of my Studio setup. I use it completely integrated with Cubase 5, it is not only my primary source of sounds and samples, but also my Audio Int

By Techman09 on Adorama - Apr 10, 2012

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