Roland MT-90U (MP3, WAV, MIDI Player w/USB): Sound Modules & Samplers

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Sound Modules & Samplers - The Roland MT-90U multi-format music player allows instant playback from a range of different file formats for easy, flexible rehearsal options. The USB-equipped MT-90U lets you load MIDI, MP3, or WAV files, and you can practice along anywhere thanks to its built-in speaker and easy portability. You can also change the pitch and speed of your files (a great way to learn complicated passages). A wireless remote controller and microphone input are even included for karaoke fun with the MT-90U!Roland MT-90U Multi-format Music Player at a Glance:Compatible with most common formatsWireless remote and moreMIDI connectivityCompatible with most common formatsNot only is the MT-90U compatible with the most common file formats, but it can also change the tempo and pitch of files (both audio and MIDI), making it the perfect recorder for sing-along sessions or for music students who wish to slow down fast or complicated pieces. Equipped with a USB port, the MT-90U makes


Product Title: Roland MT-90U (MP3, WAV, MIDI Player w/USB): Sound Modules & Samplers

Manufacturer: Roland

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