Jupiter Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer


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Roland JUPITER-50 Live Performance Synthesizer Information (9/7/2012) Air Recorder Version 1.0.2 Now Available on the App Store! You can jam along with songs stored on your iPhone, and even record your performance to your iPhone.(9/1/2012) JP Synth Editor Version 1.1.0 Now Available on the App Store! JP Synth Editor is an iPad app that allows you to edit the SuperNATURAL Synth Tones. Got compatible with RWC, Roland Wireless Connect and the WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter.(8/7/2012) JUPITER-50 System Program Version 1.10 Now Available! This free download adds the Roland Wireless Connect function. The JUPITER Legacy Continues with a Sleek New Performance Synth With its unprecedented fusion of synthesis and acoustic instruments, the new-generation Roland JUPITER has changed the way we play, react to, and feel a keyboard. By combining the supreme expression of the JUPITER-80 with the


Product Title: Jupiter Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer

Manufacturer: Jupiter

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