MIDI Solutions Merger (MIDI Merge Box 2->1): MIDI Interfaces

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MIDI Interfaces - Simplify your MIDI rig with a MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI combiner from Sweetwater. The Merger is your quick and easy way to send up to two MIDI sources to the same MIDI input. Just plug both MIDI outputs you need to merge into your Merger, and let it do its magic. Thanks to an advanced merging engine, the Merger interleaves all two incoming signals, including MIDI clock, MIDI timecode, and sys ex information, all without any noticeable latency. If you have serious MIDI merging to do, then you need a MIDI Solutions Merger MIDI combiner in your rig.Get all of your MIDI Solutions gadgets from Sweetwater!Since 1992, MIDI Solutions has been offering creative musicians like you the MIDI tools they need to make the most of their music gear. Ask any seasoned keyboard or high-level guitar tech, and they'll tell your that MIDI Solutions modules are the lynch pins of the live performance world. You just wouldn't believe how many complex MIDI rigs are currently being held togethe


Product Title: MIDI Solutions Merger (MIDI Merge Box 2->1): MIDI Interfaces

Manufacturer: MIDI Solutions

Lowest Price: $69.99 from Sweetwater

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