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KORG AX5G - one pedal does it all (starter edition)

Strengths: One pedal does it all. Many effects, allows to combine several effects in one program.

Weakness: Made of plastic, so not really durable.

Still learning this pedal's features. Some of the factory programs sound awesome! So much better then old VAMP. Overall quality is very good, one potential issue - completely plastic, so need to be careful handling it. For my purpose - home studio recording this should work, but for the performing musician need something more durable.

By borysr - Jan 8, 2008

It's a pretty cool effects pedal for the price. Nice sounding amps and cabs. Great reverbs and chorus.

Strengths: This is perfect for the guy that has a small home studio. the sounds are great I was a very happy camper. I put a boss ch-1 chorus in front of it for the clean patches. This is just a personal prefere

Weakness: This unit is all plastic if you have a heavy foot or want to gig with this box, forget it.

I bought this pedal about 2 months ago and love it. It has a wide variety of sounds to choose from. It has some effects that I've never even heard before. You can create your own settings for each effect and store it. The expression pedal is a nice addition also. Take note though, if you try to hook this up through the distortion channel on your amp you will probably get an awful reverberated muddy distortion. It's better to just run it through the clean channel. The only other drawback is that there is quite a bit of volume difference between some settings, but this can be easily adjusted through the various tone settings. Overall this is a great pedal.

By jsquare - Dec 31, 2007

Decent effects setup, bargain priced

Strengths: Great array of tones for a beginner

Weakness: Some of the effects are thin, gimmicky or just not likely to be useful

Excellent starter pedal setup for the typical teenage electric guitar player. Many of the effects are quite good, while (as to be expected in a do-it-all setup like this) some of them are a bit thin, gimmicky or just not that useful. Still, fun to experiment with, and an excellent value.

By kgivens - Apr 26, 2008

Perfect entry level effects processor for the home

Strengths: Many different effects available, built-in pedal, portable, inexpensive for a beginner

Weakness: No AC adapter included, seems flimsy but ok for home use, no power switch

As a beginning guitar player mainly interested in just "playing around" with the guitar, I am very happy I purchased the Korg AX5G effects processor. At $40, this item has significantly increased my enjoyment level of playing. To be able to cycle through the different pre-set settings (80 of them), I can hear the sound from many songs that I know and it drives me to learn more songs this way. I chose this model over the slightly cheaper model without the pedal and glad I did so that I have the volume and wah controls. Personally, to play the chords of a song but not sound exactly the same because of not having the right effect isn't quite as fun for me. So being able to get the same sound motivates me to play more. I am a novice guitarist, but this little guy has really increased the amount of fun I have when I have time to pick up the guitar and mess around. I am not sure how this stacks up to the several hundred dollar units, but I do not have any complaints with the many different sounds I can get from it. I have not yet tried to program my own since there are so many pre-programmed ones available, but once I get more familiar with it I will experiment with that.

For the price, one can not expect all the bells and whistles, so there are some things that are less than optimal. The thing is plastic, so it won't take abuse, but for someone who will just be using it at home and not jamming hard on it (the pedal), it should be just fine. There was no ac adapter included, so I had to buy one separately, but it does run on batteries so the adapter isn't required, just nice to have. The lack of a power switch is a bit of a pain though if using batteries.

Overall, I would highly recommend this unit beginner guitarists who are looking to get many different sounds out of their guitar, but not wanting to spend much. It doesn't look like it will take a beating, so keep that in mind.

By mepricer - Feb 19, 2008

An excellent value with a wide selection of effects.

Strengths: Inexpensive and sounds great. User configurable.

Weakness: Not much at this price point. Ok, it's plastic and does not come with an A/C adapter.

I use this with a small 10amp Fender and it works great. It's all plastic, so it's just fine for a little practice setup and the factory preset effect selection is large and varied - you may like some and not others, but they are there. The delay is very good and the reverb is ok. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot here and you can construct your own effects once you get used to setting it up. After owning it for over a month, I'm still exploring it and having a blast. 5 stars for value. Buy it!

By tcamca - Feb 5, 2008

Amazing Arsenal of Effects for a Small Price

Strengths: Wide variety of effects and controls

Weakness: Manual a little too simple, no big deal

I have owned a Gibson Melody Maker for 30+years but never really learned to play it well. I toyed with getting some effects pedals over the yars but couldn't justify the cost. I stumbled accross this inexpensive effects box and couldn't resist. I had a gas playing with it even though I am still a hack. It gave new life to my axe.

By chinnboy - Jan 29, 2008

Korg AX5G Modeling signal processor

Strengths: Sounds great, lots of different sound configurations, inexpensive.

Weakness: Plastic feels like it could break easy if used to roughly, especially the pedal. No power switch.

My 10 year old son is starting to get into the whole guitar thing (I've played for 20+ years), and Slash is his idol at the moment. So I thought for the price this would give him a wah pedal and an introduction into effect pedals. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the sound was especially the wah effect, lots of preset sound variations, and the ability to customize greatly. This unit would have been perfect if were built a bit more rugged and maybe a little bit larger wah pedal. Overall, I think it is a great deal. This would make a good studio recording effect pedal. It is amazing what effect pedals can do the sound, at times my son actually sounds really awesome when using it.

By mcentrelli - Jan 28, 2008

Good value for the price, but might not be durable for performances

Strengths: Multitude of sounds and effects, plus an expression pedal to vary the amount of many of the effects.

Weakness: Plastic case and pedal might not be durable enough to use on the road.

We were pleasantly surprised at the great variety of sounds available from the Korg Toneworks AX5G Effects Box. It was purchased for a very moderate price, and has given a lot of sound choices for our children as they learn to play the guitar. No amp is needed if you use headphones with it, which is a plus for practicing. Perfect for beginning players, or those on a tight budget.

It would have been nice to see the exterior made of something stronger than plastic, as the box sits on the floor and is foot controlled. This is especially true of the pedal.

All in all it is a very good product for the price point. Made in Japan quality. I would look for something higher end if you are planning to use it on gigs. If you search for AX5G on Youtube there is a very good demonstration of this box.

By johneverd - Jan 23, 2008


Strengths: lots of effects, low price, compact size

Weakness: made of plastic, small pedal, no AC adapter included

I like the number and variety of effects for the price and size, 40 user-savable programs. Like other reviewers mentioned the thing is made of plastic but as long as you are gentle with it it should last. The pedal is best used with a bare foot due its size and construction. Some of the presets are nice others not so much. Once you figure out how to use it you can create virtually any sound. Best bang for the buck.

By asajine - Jan 14, 2008


Strengths: compact, built in tuner

Weakness: weak single led display

This is my first signal processor for electric guitar, but this unit is very cool. It may be made in Japan, which speaks for its quality. . . It's simple, easy to use. Makes cool sounds, and lots of options to customize. I'm a novice guitar player so there's much I don't know about this unit's potential. I recommend this product to any novice, maybe even advanced users.

By digsetcrush - Jan 12, 2008

AX5G - small, but reliable

Strengths: Expression pedal. Small. Easy to use

Weakness: Expression pedal is small, and looks cheap.

AX5G is almost out of market. Plastic, and made in Japan. Still reliable to use it. Nice switch for volume and effect while using expression pedal. Still pedal is too cheap. I hope it will work long life. Overall, for the $$ it is a very good purchase.

By ip068 - Jan 11, 2008

Korg Toneworks AX5G Modeling Multi Effects Processor for Guitar

Strengths: Tons of effects. Very good delay and reverb. Inexpensive compared to other pedals with similar options

Weakness: Overall cheap construction. Size - Seems like it should be 10-20% larger overall.

Overall I was impressed for the price. If you're looking for something to use everyday or on stage, I would recommend a better pedal. Perfect for the home and studio. Sound qualities seems to standup more expensive pedal, but construction is plastic and the durability look and feels questionable. Perfect for the starting guitarist as well. Can't beat the functionality and number of effects at the retail price.

By finleymac - Jan 10, 2008

Great pedal for the price.

Strengths: Multiple effects... Users can create custom effects and store them..... Expression pedal is a nice feature for such a low priced unit.

Weakness: Design - Made of all plastic.... Mine did not come with an A/C adapter.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the sound quality of this unit. It has every effect that I could ask for and it is very easy to customize and save your own settings. I would highly recommend this to someone starting out. I could not find anything that could beat this unit worth better sound or price.

By frscolasc - Jan 9, 2008