Boss Office Products ME50 Guitar Multiple Effects Pedalboard

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Guitar Effect Type: multi-effect


Product Title: Boss Office Products ME50 Guitar Multiple Effects Pedalboard

Manufacturer: Boss Office Products

Power Score: 4.1 | 2 Reviews

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Boss ME-50 Guitar Multiple Effects

Strengths: This is a bullet proof design and should withstand years of abuse-all metal and quite hefty.It models over twenty distortion and overdrive pedals along with modulation and delay effects-sounds great!

Weakness: All right-it doesn't come with an adapter.But so many guitar players own Boss pedals a lot of them probably have one already.

If you were to puchase even half of the pedals that the Boss ME-50 models it would cost several times what this unit sells for.Plus, this is an all-in-one box so that each effect is optimized to work either alone or with the other effects-in other words I don't hear any of the tone-sucking that usually occurs when you string a lot of effects together.This processor is the best bang for your money...
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By roberthurt - Oct 5, 2006

Boss ME-50

The Boss ME-50 is a multi-effects pedal. This is similar to the Boss ME-25, but allows better control of the effects through a 3-section process with dedicated knobs for each section. This system does not, however, have a USB interface. 30 preset patches are built in, including delay, modulation, reverb, and compressor. Several COSM overdrive and distortion effects are built in for authentic...
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By - Feb 7, 2011

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