Reviews for SoundTech LightSnake LightSnake Guitar/Keyboard USB 10ft Cable 10 Foot

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Extremely Poor Customer Support

Strengths: Pretty Green Lights.

Weakness: Read Below.

I was excited about the Lightsnake. Then I got one. It was extremely noisy, like bad TV static, rendering it completely unusable for even heavily distorted guitar tones. I checked out SoundTech's forum boards and learned that many other users experience similar problems. The company eventually admitted that there was a manufacturing error that rendered the ground cable in the Lightsnake ineffective. The company offered to replace the bad cables, but only with the original packaging and proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. This didn't work for a lot of people (who saves the packaging for a cable?), including me, because I bought mine NEW IN PACKAGE from a seller on eBay who was not an "authorized seller." SoundTech used this technicality as an excuse to not replace my cable. I'm used to working with music gear companies (Monster Cable and Sweetwater both leap to mind) who will almost literally bend over backwards to remedy a problem, ESPECIALLY when that problem is an ADMITTED manufacturing error. Ugh! Long story short: I am stuck with a useless cable and I will never purchase anything from SoundTech again. Other companies are releasing similar products now and in the near future. Don't waste your money on the Lightsnake.

By bloodlemons - Oct 5, 2006

It Works... Just Not Well

Strengths: Umm, It Works

Weakness: Yeah... But Not Well.

There is either something wrong with the grounding wire on my “Lightsnake” cable or SoundTech is falsely advertising. It's extremely noisy and I'm not using the word "extremely" lightly, It literally

By Rayson Jimenez; - Mar 2, 2007

Latency and Noise make this good idea practically useless

Strengths: Plug & Play w. GarageBand

Weakness: Continual latency issues; lots of wierd noise and oscillation along w. your tones

I got this for traveling with the guitar and a laptop, but even though my computer is plenty fast, I have always had latency issues-where you play the notes but do not hear them until after a brief delay. This is useless for any kind of recording and a hassle for just playing. In addition I seemed to get all kinds of additional noise w. the signal, seemingly matching the flashing LED of the cable. I can't recommend this, even though it seems like such a good, simple solution.

By anonymous; - Jan 3, 2010


Strengths: Could have been a great idea

Weakness: Noisy and useless

When I read the other reviews- I was relieved to know that it wasn't just me who was having troubles. I thought I had a *SHORT* in the chord because of how much static was coming through when I recorded with this chord. Man, what a total waste of cash. I am so bummed because I really needed this to work.

By anonymous; - Dec 7, 2008