BOSS Audio Systems DB-30 - Dr. Beat Metronome with Rhythm Patterns


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The Boss Dr. Beat DB-30 Metronome accurately keeps time during practice which makes it easy. This metronome is built small so it can fit easily anywhere, it also features a headphone jack so that you can practice anywhere silently. With it's large LCD screen and its various controls, plus lights and on-screen needle for visual feedback. This is more than just an adjustable click, Dr. Beat can provide 9 different patterns, 24 beat variations, rhythm styles, and combinations to play along with. Other Information Handles time signatures up to 17 beats per measure Rhythmic beat patterns in various styles Headphone output with volume controlFeatures & Technical Specs Metronome: Tempo: 30-250 (Accuracy: 0.1%) BEAT: 09, 2+3, 3+2, 3+4, 4+3, 4+5, 5+4, 5+6, 6+5, 6+7,7+6, 7+8, 8+7, 8+9, 9+8 (24 kinds) RHYTHM: Quarter note, Eighth rest and eighth note, Eighth note, Triple, Triple with center rest, Sixteenth note, Sixteenth note with center rest, Clave 3-2, Clave 2-3 (9 kinds) Reference Tone: Reference Pitch: A4=438 Hz-445 Hz (1 Hz steps) Reference Tone Range: C4 to B4 (Accuracy: 1 cent) Memory function: Stores the settings when the power is turned off. Auto Power Off function: Turns unit off after 60 min. Indicators: LCD Display, Tempo Indicator LED x 2 Connector: PHONES Jack (Stereo miniature phone type) Power Supply: CR2032 lithium battery Power Consumption: 10 mA or less (with reference tone sounding) Accessories: CR2032 lithium battery, Owners ManualFREE Shipping with $25 Order


Product Title: BOSS Audio Systems DB-30 - Dr. Beat Metronome with Rhythm Patterns

Manufacturer: BOSS Audio Systems

Lowest Price: $39.00 from Riff City Guitar

Power Score: 4.4 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

Best compact metronome around!

Strengths: Size, many different time signatures, many features

Weakness: None noted

This metronome is the best value around. It is very easy to use, as I figured it out completely without reading the instructions. The tap button is very handy and makes it easy to set different tempos quickly. I'd recommend this metronome to everyone for guitar to band/orchestral instruments, as the volume control can adjust to any situation.

By carrollwa - Apr 13, 2007

Excellent Metronome

Strengths: Very easy to use, compact size, many features, good value

Weakness: None found yet.

I purchased the db30 for my 11 year-old son who plays the clarinet. In a matter of minutes, without even cracking open the user manual, he had it figured out. Its compact size is such that he can easily take it along to his rehearsals and to wherever he is practicing. He also likes the fact that it can match pitches and allow him to tune his instrument. All in all we are extremely pleased with...
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By andiemoll - Oct 13, 2006

Good, but not great

Strengths: Light and compact. More versatile than others I saw in this price range. Has LCD display and red LEDs to help show beat. Belt clip is a

Weakness: Poor volume using external speaker. You need headphones to hear it.

It is small, light and versatile. It provides a lot of features in a small package. I can't imagine that you would need a rhythm that it can't produce for you. One great feature is that it comes with a belt clip which is great when a table isn't nearby. My main complaint is that it isn't loud enough without using the headphone jack. I can barely hear it over a hammered dulcimer, which is...
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By anonymous; - Apr 20, 2006

Excellent price and outstanding features!!

Strengths: many features. it's compactness. price.

Weakness: can't find one yet.

this is a great product. i like the subdivisions of the beat, especially the 16th rests followed by the 16th makes you think and stretch yourself and your abilities. also, i like the fact that the different parts of the beat accencted.I know the Boss brand for its reliability and ability to take a butt whipping and still work.

By tequilamax - Feb 20, 2006

Best Budget Metronome

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By - Feb 23, 2010

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