Sonor Jojo Mayer Signature Bass Drum Pedal

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For about six years I experimented with different parts, drive systems and footboards until I had the blueprint for the pedal that you have in front of you. Other than the action, easy portability and quick set up was a main concern to me. At that point SONOR joined the project and contributed their German precision engineering and an innovative solution for the folding mechanism and self-mounting hoop clamp that works at the push of a button.The Perfect Balance Pedal is a carefully calibrated system that optimizes the linear translation of your foot movements and makes many adjustments expendable. It was designed with a principle in mind that reflects ultimate sophistication to me:Simplicity.Essentially, it could be described as the soul and feel of a vintage pedal reincarnated in the technology of a 21st century body. - Jojo MayerFOLDING MECHANISMFolds the pedal into compact size for easy transportation with the push of a button. For extended lifespan, the spring can be dislocated and secured with a magnet when folded.Low Mass Drive SystemThe drive cam and beater hub are streamlined into a single unit for low mass and carefully calibrated for perfectly balanced strokes. Round cam design creates linear acceleration which is a major advantage for many hybrid techniques.Elongated BoardElongated and smooth footboard adds more leverage to the stroke and allows extended range of movement for heel toe and sliding techniques.Ballistic Fiber StrapBallistic f

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Product Title: Sonor Jojo Mayer Signature Bass Drum Pedal

Manufacturer: Sonor

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