CB Drums CB5 5-Piece Drumset with Throne, Black

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The CB5 drum set package from CB Percussion is a value packed, complete package perfect for any beginner drummer. It comes complete with everything you need to immediately start jamming. Features include double braced hardware and Remo heads that provide solid performance and durability. For over a quarter century, CB Percussion's team of educators and percussionists has engineered reliable products for the educational and beginner drum set community. CB Drums has been at the forefront of the beginner drum set market. In doing so they set the industry standard very high by offering quality workmanship, superior tone, response and projection. CB products stand up to heavy use yet remain surprisingly affordable. Along with these attributes, the drums are versatile. They can be used for a variety of applications from the beginner student to a school band program. They can also be placed in youth centers, places of worship, lesson centers and music therapy programs. The CB drum set is supported by readily available replacement parts and uncompromising service.


Product Title: CB Drums CB5 5-Piece Drumset with Throne, Black

Manufacturer: CB

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