Boss Office Products Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Rhythm Machine

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The DR-880 is a rhythm-programming powerhouse that’s loaded with world-class drum, percussion, and bass sounds from Roland’s famous SRX library. It also includes a stunning collection of original waveforms. You can get microscopic with the DR-880, but you also have the option of taking the simple route with its three EZ Compose buttons, which allow original patterns to be constructed without note-by-note programming hassles. Patterns can be taken deeper with the Groove Modify feature, where various groove and triplet feels can be applied. Ghost notes and fills can also be added automatically. Guitar and bass players can join the action by plugging directly to the DR-880’s Guitar/Bass Input jack, and playing through the built-in COSM® Drive/Amp models and multi-effects.


Product Title: Boss Office Products Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Rhythm Machine

Manufacturer: Boss Office Products

Lowest Price: $469.00 from Sweetwater

Power Score: 4.7 | 5 Reviews

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