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Verve Vibe Master 5-Piece Drum Set with Cymbals - Metallic Blue

Strengths: Great quality for this price range. Heavy Duty hardware and wood construction.

Weakness: Cymbals and heads will probably need to be replaced with better quality ones.

I purchased this set for my son as he was wanting to try his hand at drumming. I wasn't sure how good he would be, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. However, I wanted to get a decent set in case he decided to keep at it. He is a natural and this set is much better than a beginners set. It isn't a Pro set, but after upgrading the cymbals and heads it is worth way more than the purchase price. I recommend this set for anyone who wants to learn and not break the bank doing it. I would buy this set again.

By the1percent - Jun 13, 2007

these drums ...

Strengths: good set

Weakness: way over priced

these drums are a rip off they cost to much for what they are, a basic 5-7 piece drum kit should cost £128-£180 max thats a rubbish price low quality and over priced, the skins rip and dent when u use the sticks that come with it coz they are the wrong tip for them drums people dont wast your money!

By anonymous; - May 29, 2007