Tascam USB 2.0 Audio.midi Interface

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Product Title: Tascam USB 2.0 Audio.midi Interface

Manufacturer: Tascam

Power Score: 4.3 | 2 Reviews

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Solid, Silent, Excellent Hardware Product

Strengths: Very well made, straightforward design, excellent performance. Does exactly what you expect it to.

Weakness: I've found no weaknesses for the Tascam product. The accompanying software -- Cubase LE4 -- is dreadful.

Buy this product for the hardware. It's excellent. The Cubase product is not. Two major complaints: (1) They have an incredibly convoluted registration process. It took most of an hour to install and register. I guess it's supposed to prevent you from stealing or sharing the product. Who'd bother. Get Kristal or Audacity, or both. They're freeware, well designed, easy to use and perform well. (2)...
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By Guitar Jeff; - Apr 20, 2009

TASCAM USB 2.0 Audio.midi Interface

The Tascam US-122L is the follow-up to the popular US-122; it is a portable digital audio interface for connecting micropphones, guitars, MIDI devices and other instruments to your Mac or PC. It accepts two channels of analog input through either an XLR mic input with phantom power or an analog 1/4" line input switchable to high impedance for guitars. See the Tascam US-144 for the 4-channel...
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By productwiki.com - Jul 21, 2009

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