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Recorders - The TASCAM CD-GT2 portable guitar trainer packs the company's renowned feature-packed trainer technology into an even more compact design, while adding even more great features! The CD-GT2 uses TASCAM's Variable Speed Audition (VSA) function to let you slow down the speed of a CD without changing pitch. Improved album and track title indicators, expanded effects, and a three-octave tone oscillator combine with an even more gig-bag- and guitar-case-friendly design to make the CD-GT2 an indispensable tool for guitarists at any level.TASCAM CD-GT2 Portable CD Guitar Trainer Features:CD-DA/CD-R/CD-RW disc playback10 second anti-shock memoryComprehensive 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display with graphical user interfaceAlbum title/Track title indication by CD-TextElapsed Time/Remain Time display with bar meter+16 to -50% pitch control in 1% steps VSA (Variable Speed Audition, pitch control without affecting key)Key control: +/-6 semi-tone, in semi-tone steps with +/-50 cents fine tun


Product Title: Tascam CD-GT2 - CD Guitar Trainer

Manufacturer: Tascam

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Power Score: 4.4 | 3 Reviews

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CD-GT2 - Very useful tool, with a few annoying things about it

Strengths: Durable Construction, especially CD compartment. More compact then CD-GT1. Decent guitar effects, at least for training purposes

Weakness: No Output Level control, very bad. Tiny display with barely legible small fonts. Minor complaint, but switching the effect presets on the fly is difficult.

The unit has great features that work as advertised, mostly. The ability to slow down the song without a key change is king! I learned incredibly hard and fast licks by carefully listening to every note in "slow motion", and then practicing with the song, slowly increasing the speed to normal. My review mainly compares this unit to CD-GT1, which was very good, but the CD compartment cover design...
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By LenGillan - Oct 3, 2008

Tascam CDGT2 Portable CD Guitar Trainer

Strengths: The cd player sounds very good and the unit does everything as advertised.I find it great for playing along with backing track cds.It's user friendly too.

Weakness: It eats batteries so get the Tascam psp520 adapter.The effects sound good with my Gibson guitars but not so good with my Stratocaster.However,there is a simple solution to this-see below.

I think the CDGT2 sounds good even when it is slowed down past 30%.I have no problem with deterioration of sound quality on my unit.I can put a cd backing track on and have it play in any key I choose and it will sound great.The onboard tuner seems fine.The effect unit is ok and fun to work with but I found that I can put the Tascam effect section on bypass and hook up one of my own little...
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By robinhurt - Jun 11, 2008

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By bestcovery.com - Nov 9, 2009

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