Yamaha Trumpet Silent Brass System

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Brass Accessory Type: mutes


Product Title: Yamaha Trumpet Silent Brass System

Manufacturer: Yamaha

Power Score: 4.0 | 3 Reviews

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performs as advertised but a slight disappointment

Strengths: Cuts playing volume down significantly as advertised; mute can be used by itself without plugging it in.

Weakness: Mute creates a lot of resistance and alters high-register response; poor quality microphone.

I have been using this mute for years (without the electronics) when practicing at night or at other times when I do not wish to disturb others. However the resistance the mute generates alters the "feel" of playing compared to the resistance of your instrument during performance, so I do not recommend it for regular practice. Also the mute changes the playing characteristics of the instrument in...
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By DaveInMass - Dec 4, 2008

Silent Brass System

Strengths: Allows playing and practice of your instrument without disturbing others.

Weakness: Sounds muted at first but after getting use to the system things improve.

Follow the instructions and you can not miss. Really keeps others from being disturbed allowing the music player a chance to study their art form. The student has the volume control so they can get a feel for the sound of the notes they are playing through the headphones. Makes practice pleasant for the entire neighborhood.

By bearoff - Mar 31, 2007

Silent Night

Strengths: Really does make your instrument sounds very quiet compared to others.

Weakness: Still sounds like you are playing with a mute (kind of unavoidable anyways).

The silent brass system was very easy to set up; the box stated all you had to do was plug the thing in, a claim it kept. Barely audible to those in the same room when using the system, it allows instrument practice in a family home without disturbing those around you. The sound resembles playing with a mute through the headphones because of the way the system works, but you can make it as loud...
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By cvn74rmo - Sep 18, 2005

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