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Bass Amps - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

3 Star Review Roland Micro Cube Bass


jackfx - (November 11, 2008) The amp is a great concept and sounds great on the Roland demo video, but note that the demo amp is miked up through a big PA so doesn't give a true picture. As a bass pracice amp it's fairly limited, the sound breaks up quickly on most of the preset amp settings and the FX, although effective, tend to colour the sound and increase distortion. The headphone/record socket mutes the speaker in operation, so if you want a true line out socket you'll have to hack the unit and fit one- which is quite straightforward. The strap would be better as a shoulder strap with a conventional handle fitted rather than the half-assed thing it comes with. The rhythm section is neat and works well, footswit

4 Star Review Solid Performer


bs03751 - (July 29, 2006) Why buy a practice amp, when this one will get you from practice to rehearsal? For larger venues, this amp also can directly drive a PA system and simply become the stage monitor, and has a headphone output for private practice. It works well for all venues, unless you want to stand behind a stack for the "stage presence and showmanship". The BXL3000 has a black front panel, vs. the white-sliver one shown in the image. Lots of bang for the buck, and pretty good sound. This would be the last amp many beginning bassists would ever need to buy (forget about those small practice amps, because you won't want to practice if you don't feel the bass and it doe

5 Star Review Amazing Combo!


Sternodox - (November 25, 2006) For its size, the BXL3000 Bass Combo sounds incredible. From the lowest frequencies to the highest, and everything in between, this combo sounds clean, clear, and LOUD. The second channel's distortion feature really works great and sounds like a classic overdriven tube amp. The "ultrabass" feature is a bit odd, however. It actually sounds like one of those old Octavia stomp boxes. It basically just adds an octave lower than what your playing to each note. Watch your EQ settings when using "ultrabass" because you can get some serious booming going on unless you're dialed in on the low end. I'm very pleased with this combo; its sound rivals combos costing much, much more. For the value, sound,

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review besst

Anonymous - (01/13/2009) This RB2 Bass Combo Amp Is The Greatest Amp I Have Ever Owned., I Even Have Amps 10x The Wattage, Yet I Continue Using This One.

5 Star Review besst

BassPlayer69 - (01/13/2009) This RB2 Bass Combo Amp Is The Greatest Amp I Have Ever Owned., I Even Have Amps 10x The Wattage, Yet I Continue Using This One.

5 Star Review Real Bass Sound

bergen2 - (12/04/2008) I love Jaco.P. The natural tone is good, slap sound is better than expected. I am using this amp in our family room with electric drums, E. guitar and keyboard. The sound power is enough for family concert.

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