Takamine G Jumbo EG523SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Spalted Maple

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Built on a jumbo design, the EG523SC acoustic-electric possesses the greatest internal air volume and delivers a sound that matches its name. The curvature of the top profile hints at the resulting tonality of this body design. The jumbo's tonal spectrum is enhanced by its dynamic range. From aggressive chord camping to gentle finger passages, the jumbo responds well to the subtle, and not so subtle demands that might be made of it. The spalted maple top, back and sides offer balanced tone, full projection and a killer appearance. The dovetail neck joint, and rosewood bridge and fretboard offer plenty of sustain, and the asymmetrical neck and 1-5/8 nut width provide comfort for intricate fretboard movements. At the heart of this Takamine is an impressive electronics system, letting you amplify your sound with intuitive frequency controls. The CP-100 pickup is an innovative pickup arrangement instead of the conventional under the saddle piezo design. It utilizes a U-shaped aluminum rail, securing the pickup and saddle for a snug fit and balanced response from the instrument, not just pressure on the strings. The Takamine TK40 preamplifier features volume control, bass, middle and treble frequency slider controls, EQ bypass, a notch filter, tuner and a mid contour switch.The chrome hardware, chrome tuners, and natural gloss finish adds a striking touch to this already beautiful instrument.6-stringJumbo bodySpalted maple bodySpalted maple top25-5/16 scaleDovetail neck


Product Title: Takamine G Jumbo EG523SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Spalted Maple

Manufacturer: Takamine

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