Seagull S6 Original 6-String Standard Acoustic Guitar

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Body Shape: Dreadnought

# Of Strings: 6 String

Acoustic Guitar Type: acoustic

String Type: Standard

Left Handed: standard


Product Title: Seagull S6 Original 6-String Standard Acoustic Guitar

Manufacturer: Seagull

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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The Best Acoustic Under $600

Strengths: Playability, even response (though exceptional in midrange and lower, high frequencies), intonation, consistency (stays in tune through ALL types of play), size (for me), QC, the Sound!

Weakness: Size (doesn't have the boomy bottom of a 'good' dreadnaught and lacks volume or projection against compated to the same), appreciation (evidently).

I traded a $900 Takamine for a Seagull S6 Original and Martin Backpacker back in 1994. I was taken by the tone of the Seagulls after seeing a trio at the Stockyards in Nashville (later, the guys let me try one out). I had traded for the Takamine 2 years before and always felt it lacked projection and had a limitted midrange. I've previously owned a Yamaha, Ovation, and a Guild 12-string, as well...
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By TonyB2053 - Feb 29, 2008

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