The Human Equation [Slipcase]


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0. DISC 1:1. Day One: Vigil2. Day Two: Isolation3. Day Three: Pain4. Day Four: Mystery5. Day Five: Voices6. Day Six: Childhood7. Day Seven: Hope8. Day Eight: School9. Day Nine: Playground10. Day Ten: Memories11. Day Eleven: Love0. DISC 2:1. Day Twelve: Trauma2. Day Thirteen: Sign3. Day Fourteen: Pride4. Day Fifteen: Betrayal5. Day Sixteen: Loser6. Day Seventeen: Accident?7. Day Eighteen: Realization8. Day Nineteen: Disclosure9. Day Twenty: Confrontation10. Untitled11. Untitled12. Untitled13. Untitled14. Untitled15. Untitled16. Untitled17. Untitled18. Untitled19. Untitled20. Untitled

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Genre: Music Videos & Concerts

Release Date: 2004-05-25


Product Title: The Human Equation [Slipcase]

Manufacturer: Ryko Distribution

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