Sleigh Bells: Treats (180g Gatefold w/ FREE MP3 Download) LP

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Here we have the much hyped and much lauded debut from NYC duo Sleigh Bells on loud, thick 180g vinyl. Treats scored a big 8.7 on Pitchfork (along with a best new music stamp) and if that doesn't mean anything to you, try taking a listen to some of the sound samples above and see what the buzz is all about for yourself. There's something about that raw energy and the unexpected blending of styles they seem to pull off so well that really strikes a chord and makes this album stand out from the glut of indie releases. Is it punk/noise? Overdriven pop rock? Club beats or Electro? Derek Miller's production is a bit of all these things, held together by Alexis Krauss' catchy vocal hooks and is just the right kinda sound for this post-post-music world. 11 tracks, pressed up by Mom+Pop and M.I.A.'s NEET label.


Product Title: Sleigh Bells: Treats (180g Gatefold w/ FREE MP3 Download) LP

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