Thy Is a Word & Feet Need Lamps

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1. You Get a Horse Shoe2. Mud3. Out of Crudeness, Healing4. Let's Go Javelin5. Performance Bread6. Famine's Hard, The7. Flea Market Temple8. Pup-Tent-Noah9. Grandfather Foreskin10. Quail11. Thumb Toe Collection12. Animals Are Cut in Two13. Disaster Will Come Upon You, And You Will Not Know How to Conjure It Away14. Jael Peg Caper15. Everyone Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes16. Considered It a Loan

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Genre: Alternative & Punk, Rock

Release Date: 2005-03-01


Product Title: Thy Is a Word & Feet Need Lamps

Manufacturer: Allegro

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