Tune-Yards: Whokill (with FREE MP3 Download) LP

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After generating a lot of buzz and critical acclaim with her 2007 lo-fi debut Bird-Brains, Merrill Garbus aka Tune-Yards releases Whokill. For the new album, she ditches the DIY recording approach for a cleaner, more "real studio" sound while keeping the raw and spontaneous feel of her live performances intact; she is known for creatively looping her own vocals to create on-the-spot harmonies, rhythms, and other interesting layers, and much of that is fully showcased throughout the album. Check out the lead single "Bizness(1)" or the powerful, emotion-charged "Gangsta(2)." "Doorstep(3)" as well as "My Country(4)" contain African music influences that have always been prominent in her works (she spent many years in Kenya), and "Es-So(5)" incorporates hints of hip-hop/funk. "Wolly Wolly Gong(6)" is intimate and moody, with the more delicate and unadulterated side of Garbus' vocals (her vocal range is expansive) gliding gently over a stripped down instrumental. As a whole, Who Kill is sincere and eccentric, an experimental and beautifully textured take on pop music that you'll find yourself keep turning to. Recommended.


Product Title: Tune-Yards: Whokill (with FREE MP3 Download) LP

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