Women's Wrestling - LSP-PP199 - Mixed Mat Action - Kimberly and Steve


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Mixed Mat Action - Kimberly and Steve Kimberly (5'9", 160 lbs.) possesses one of the most beautifully trained athletic bodies we've seen in years. She's built hard-as-nails, a necessity to withstand the brutal one-on-one competition she encounters every day in her work as a gladiator. Steve is a superb athlete as well, but he's not used to matching muscles with a female like this! Immediately, Kimberly takes the offensive, disabling him with a series of cradles. Steve does win some falls, but for the most part she masters him, causing him to submit with pure athletic strength and superior conditioning. Near the end Kimberly forces Steve's head face-down into the mat - "to see how it tastes." Quite a woman, this Kimberly. The kind every many would love to wrestle. USE SEARCH TAG 'LSP' IN 'MOVIES & TV' TO SEE OUR FULL LINE OF VIDEOS (Also check us out on facebook and youtube)


Product Title: Women's Wrestling - LSP-PP199 - Mixed Mat Action - Kimberly and Steve

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