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Alfred Hitchcock's landmark masterpiece of the macabre stars Anthony Perkins as the troubled Norman Bates, whose old dark house and adjoining motel are not the place to spend a quiet evening. No one knows that better than Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), the ill-fated traveler whose journey ends in the notorious shower scene. First a private detective, then Marion's sister (Vera Miles) searches for her, the horror and the suspense mount to a terrifying climax where the mysterious killer is finally revealed.

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Media Format: DVD

Genre: Horror

MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)

Studio: Universal Studios

Actors: Anthony Perkins/ Janet Leigh/ Martin Balsam/ Vera Miles/ John Gavin

Director: Alfred Hitchcock


Product Title: Psycho

Manufacturer: Universal Interactive Studios

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Power Score: 4.7 | 68 Reviews

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Its amazing what a little...

Its amazing what a little chocolate syrup down a drain, a knife and a strange music choice did to showering women everywhere.

By XAgent - Jul 20, 2008

This is what I call...

This is what I call suspense.Brilliant key scene.Loved it.Absolutely must for if you like Hithcock.

By traditionalist - Jul 4, 2008

One of the best suspence-thriller...

One of the best suspence-thriller movies ever. Hitchcock's finest piece. Anthony Perkins best movie role. The sequels are to be ignored.

By Spike65 - Jun 29, 2008

This flick is some ****ing scary...

This flick is some ****ing scary ****. I wtached it last year and I didnt' take a shower for 3 days afterwrads. The wife blackmailed me into tkaking 1 in the end.

By BigFatBurt - Jun 27, 2008

I Finally saw this movie this...

I Finally saw this movie this week,and I was not at all disappointed.Janet Leigh was great in her part. Over the years I knew alot of facts about this movie like the shower scene,and the Bates Motel and such,but after watching it all the way through I was surprised by a few things.First I never knew Marion was going to: for the lack of a better work "steal" the money from her boss and skip town....
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By uncnc08 - Oct 26, 2007

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