Symbio BDX3400 1 Discs Blu-ray Disc Player - 1080p

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The Toshiba's Symbio™ BDX3400 transcends the ordinary media box, offering an advanced, incredibly versatile, entertainment-streaming machine. Loaded with media box technologies and equipped with a Blu-ray Disc™ Player,21 the Toshiba Symbio™ BDX3400 is a Super Media Box capable of satisfying all your entertainment needs. Not only can you see the latest movies from Netflix®, VUDU®, CinemaNow®, Hulu Plus™ and more,32 but the BDX3400 offers advanced features that allow you to enjoy an open web browser with bookmark capability and an easy-to-use ePortal GUI. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® Miracast™, the BDX3400 allows you to utilize a Wi-Fi® and Miracast™ connection to stream audio and video content32 from your smartphone, laptop or tablet without cables or a connection to an existing network. With the Symbio™ BDX3400 you unlock endless entertainment options-all in one neat and petite box.


Product Title: Symbio BDX3400 1 Discs Blu-ray Disc Player - 1080p

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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Power Score: 1.2 | 30 Reviews

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Received as X-mas present. Worked for about 3 days and then stopped connecting to internet. Remote does not consistently work. Blue Ray player is extremely slow to load. Overall a terrible product

By on - Jan 3, 2014

invalid format

right out of the box it won't connect to my tv. i had a PS3 hooked up for 2 years and tried to replace it with this waist of plastic. as soon as i turn it on my tv says invalid format. i shouldn't have to trouble shoot a brand new dvd player. still won't work I'm returning it today.. first and last toshiba.

By on - Jan 1, 2014

I will not buy a Toshiba product again

I am so disgusted with this product I will not buy Toshiba again. Replaced once due to failed WIFI interface. The new box failed again within a week. The software is terrible, It locks up on the internet and sometimes the only recourse is to unplug the box from the outlet. I kept expecting an software update because it was so bad and I felt sure one would be rushed out, but no.

By on - Dec 27, 2013

Good Specs but Works Awful

When I turned this on I checked for and applied the required update to the Firmware and the browser portal and there was nothing but problems from then. sound and picture are out of sync after about 15-20 minutes and the browser portal resets itself and cancels all your netflix and other details randomly as well as the whole unit being noisy and slow to work between disk and browser options. I am...
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By on - Dec 10, 2013

Quality?...Not these

Bought 2 of these and have returned them both for replacements. That was not an issue but so far 1 of the replacements is having an issue and I would assume the 2nd is not far behind. Issues: drops the network connection, loading is super slow and while playing a DVD the sound becomes off with the picture. I will not but another and most likely will not even send these back for a replacement....
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By on - Dec 4, 2013

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