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Enjoy these classic sci-fi films from special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen in one package with 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA and EARTH VS. FLYING SAUCERS.20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH: Dazzling special effects by Ray Harryhausen highlight this thrilling sci-fi extravaganza about a Venusian monster who wreaks havoc in Italy. On its way home from Venus, a U.S. Army rocket ship crashes into the sea of Sicily leaving Colonel Calder (William Hopper of Rebel Without a Cause) the sole survivor...or so it seems. A sealed container is also recovered from the wreck and, when a zoologist (The Mark of Zorro's Frank Puglia) and his granddaughter (Joan Taylor) open it, the gelatinous mass inside escapes. Overnight, it grows into a horrific monster that has doubled in size. In desperation, Calder calls in the Army to help fight the monster, which has taken refuge atop the Coliseum in Rome. But it will take more than man's weapons to fight the evil forces of the unknown and save the world from destruction.IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA: The action is wet and wild in this sci-fi thriller that pits man - and woman - against a giant octopus. Submarine commander Pete Mathews (Kenneth Tobey) and scientists Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) and John Carter (Donald Curtis) battle an angry sea monster driven from the depths of the ocean by an H-bomb explosion. In search of non-contaminated food, this tentacled tyrant counts among its victims a fishing trawler and its passengers, a

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Media Format: DVD

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction (Sci Fi)

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Director: Fred F. Sears/ Nathan Juran/ Robert Gordon

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Actors: Hugh Marlowe/ Joan Taylor/ Kenneth Tobey/ Faith Domergue/ William Hopper


Product Title: Ray Harryhausen Gift Set (Three Disc Set)

Manufacturer: Anderson

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