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United Pet Group 8 in 1 Kookamunga Catnip Bubbles 4-oz bottle


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Want to have fun with your cat? Then bring home some Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Catnip Bubbles! This safe, nontoxic blend of bubbles and real natural Kookamunga catnip mixes the wacky scent of catnip with the interactive fun of bubbles. Available in a 4 ounce bottle. 8 in 1 Pet Products Krazee Kitty Catnip Bubbles 4 oz #M6105 - Catnip


Product Title: United Pet Group 8 in 1 Kookamunga Catnip Bubbles 4-oz bottle

Manufacturer: United Pet Group

Lowest Price: $6.74 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.5 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

Catnip Bubbles?

I was like 'waaah?' so I had to give them a try. Funny smell. Didn't make bubbles well. Kittens were confused, then uninterested. I put the bottle away to try when they were older, liquid leaked all over. A friend I gave a bottle to for a gift said her cats were indifferent, as well. Nice concept, but didn't work IRL.

By Mandoo on Vitacost - May 12, 2012

Has strong odor but is fun

Cats loved it strong smell tho

By jillawilla on Vitacost - Dec 28, 2011

Maybe for some cats - not for mine

I envisioned my cat happily chasing after the bubbles just as kids love to do. However, one burst bubble in the face was enough to cause him to bolt for cover. If I'd have thought this concept through, I would not have purchased this item. While there is nothing wrong with this product, I will just have to use the liquid to "scent" the cat toys to get any play value from it. Maybe if my cat had...
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By iamstrings on Vitacost - Dec 5, 2011

Frightening Bubbles

I thought catnip bubbles sounded like a great idea for our two 7 month old kittens. One was fascinated and just watched, mesmerized, while I blew bubbles in her direction for a very long time. She liked sniffing the floor where they popped, but was totally confused that they disappeared and didn't try to play. The other kitten (who is generally bold) was completely terrified and wouldn't come...
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By MissTula on Vitacost - Aug 20, 2011

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