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Energy QBP Scalar Energy Water Stick Alkaline Hydrogen aka Diet Water Ion Stick


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The Portable Alkaline Hydrogen Water Pen changes bottled water (reverse osmosis preferred) into high pH, antioxidant, Alkaline micro-clustered (small water molecules. Up to 6 times more Hydrating), oxygenated alkaline drinking water Great for Everyday use and Traveling! Improve's taste of water! Good for your pets too. The most powerful yet! Need energy?? Better Sleep?? Dragging?? Health Issues?? Feel Better, Lose Weight!, The longer the water sits with the ionic tube submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH, up to pH 9+. Alkaline highly ionized pen of our own manufacturing. We also manufacture our own minerals and put your health first! I have tested and tested other products similar to this. 95% of cheep imposters don't product any -orp or last for just a couple days. I believe ours is superior and made in the USA! We have worked very hard developing this Very powerful technology just for you! There is no stronger anti-oxidant then ionized water in world. Our Products have been tested with digital metering equipment and back what we say... Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water more neutralizing power then before! (Other brands only increases pH by about two points) Very Long submerged times will Detox your body! So please be aware! Low negative ORP (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential by -150mv or more) giving it strong and measurable antioxidant potential abundance of activated hydrogen also helps to eliminate active oxygen (free radicals). Activated hydrogen bubbles are formed and Contains nano silver ceramic for anti-bacterial. You will see the ion's in the water!!! Don't spend thousands on a electric ionizer these units do a lot more. Best results are accomplished with in 30 days. Recommend replacing the unit every 30-90 days depending on usage and your health issues your trying to address. More health information available at on our site: Case not included


Product Title: Energy QBP Scalar Energy Water Stick Alkaline Hydrogen aka Diet Water Ion Stick

Manufacturer: Energy

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