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Seiko Kinetic Two Tone SKH676 Men's Watch

Strengths: Reliability,accuracy, looks, no battery needed, sweep hand, day indicator, kinetic charge indicator.

Weakness: The case design is a bit thicker than I wanted.

I ordered this watch to replace a Seiko that I've had for over 15 years. I shopped quite a bit for a new watch, and finally decided on this one, in part because of the reliability of my prior Seiko watch. My other reasons for purchasing this watch were looks (the 2-tone gold silver design is stunning), the kinetic no-battery design, and the price I found on PriceGrabber. I had seen this same watch on sale at a large department store for $80 more than on PriceGrabber. I also like the easy to use clasp mechanism. The 2nd stem is used to indicate the charge stored in the kinetic unit. It does this by "jumping ahead" the second hand from 5 seconds (low charge) to 30 seconds (full charge). When the time catches up, the second hand continues normally.

I would recommend the SKH676 to anyone because of the excellent reputation of Seiko, the kinetic no-battery design, the stunning 2-tone design, the easier clasp strap, and because it is comfortable to wear.

By pgilmour251 - Jul 21, 2008