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casio updated databank watch

Strengths: looks good compared to other databank watches

Weakness: buttons hard to use. band is impssible to adjust yourself. not as intuitive as previous models

Computer in this watch crashed while trying to insert info and there was no way to reset. Had to send it to Casio service where they sent a new watch. I was out the expense of shipping to them. The watch looks good but band requires a jeweler to take out links for normal wrist size and it is a band that feels like it won't last long- clasp will probably go within a year. Older models of Casio that I've had are easier to use without an instruction book open in front of you while setting it up and the buttons are raised so it is easier to press buttons. This improvement is not as good as the old 350 model.

By gklang - Nov 3, 2007

I bought this watch EDB610D-8C as...

Strengths: All the information at your fingertips.

Weakness: Display, display utilization.

I bought this watch EDB610D-8C as a replacement for my older Casio watch - a 1998 version of DBC310-1.
My old watch started acting up: it would reset itself without warning, the glass was scratched bad, the letters on the keypad invisible, the resin band needed replacement every 6 months. It was time for something new. Since I like to have the info handy, my 2 choices were DB310-1 or EDB610D-8C. I went for the latter, because it looked better, plus I really wanted it look different that what I was wearing for the last 7 years. So it is natural that I would compare how the new compares to the old.


My first gripe: display.

I wish Casio would make a watch with EDB610 looks but the functionality and crispiness of the DBC310 display. Yes, the display is what this new watch is lacking.
My old one had a three-line very crisp display: first line showing a 2-week calendar, which would indicate any upcoming events (you set up these events on your alarm screen - you set day, time and 8 letter description reminding you why is the watch bugging you). The second line shows day of the week, year and date. The third line, the biggest, shows time.
My new one has also 3 lines: I chose the first line to show day of the week and month, the main line (the biggest) shows time and the bottom line lets you choose time zones - useless on the main screen but there it is. The top line has a darker background that the rest of the display, which makes info on it more difficult to read. The main line has bigger numbers than in my old watch, and it needs it because those numbers look somewhat out of focus when compared to my old watch display.

My second gripe: display real estate utilization.

The first time you see your new watch, it will be in menu display mode, where it will show time in the top row and 8 icons representing 8 main functions of the watch. If CASIO thought that would be the default screen, this is stupid. Fortunately you can press 1 on the keypad and switch to "time" mode, so "time mode" is my default screen. Now, to get to your phone directory, you press 3 from the main menu. What you will see is name scrolling in the top row and big P-1 on the main row. Why do I care to know if it is record P-1 or P-15!??? This is so useless. From there you have to press right-lower button to see the rest of the record (phone number). The phone number is shown in a retarded way: 800-55 in top row, 5-1212 in the main row. Compare that to the DBC310 watch: scrolling name, 800 in top row, 555-1212 in the second row; and you'll be dissapointed like me.
Same thing goes for your e-data records: info you care about would be scrolling in the top row, with the main row showing big P-1. Retarded!

Now, you may ask: Why don't you replace the watch with the other one?
Well, this one is pretty. You probably understand - most of you guys would choose a prettier girl for a date, even knowing your experience may not be that fulfilling, wouldn't you?

But seriously, I got bored with how the other looks. This one is definitely prettier, and it has what I need: world time, phone directory, calculator, alarms. The only thing it is missing is cell phone built-in, temp sensor and gps. Not to much to ask for, ha?

I was really debating whether I should give this watch 3 stars (satisfactory) or 2 (it works but would not buy again). Well if I lost it tomorrow, I would buy again, but only if I couldn't find something else. Also, if I didn't have such a good experience with my old watch, my rating of the present one would be much higher.

By rob11252 - May 12, 2005

Casio EDB610D-8C DataBank - Stainless Steel

Strengths: Much nicer looking than traditional databanks, Display is very easy to read in all light levels. Added new feature to record email addresses. World Time settings are improved.

Weakness: Display of basic information (characters) in phone and data mode is poorly designed. Watchband frequently snags hair on your wrist and can be uncomfortable.

Having continuously owned Casio Databank Watches since they first appeared in the late 1980's, I was looking forward to trying out this new one.

It is odd that the display is both an advantage and a disadvantage in this version of the databank. As an advantage the time is boldly displayed in the largest numerals ever used on a databank. The display has also been improved so that it is easily read in all light levels, including bright sunlight.

The disadvantages appear when using the data features of the watch. Data is displayed in two rows. The top row has very small characters and is where all but the last 4 digits of a phone number appear.

Data entry is not as intuitive as it has been in previous versions of the watch, but I assume I will get used to navigating in it after I have had it longer.

I bought this watch specifically to continue to have a databank, but also to have something that was a little dressier looking / more attractive. The watch accomplishes that. A downside I had not anticipated is that the watchband tends to snag the hair on your wrist and be more than a little uncomfortable as you are being plucked. ;-) It also turns out that it is a proprietary watch band design, so I can't just go to the store and buy a different one. Anyway though very annoying at first, I am growing used to it. Though not perfect in every respect, I would still buy it again.

By peteblume - Mar 26, 2006

I have been using data bank...

Strengths: Metal Bracelet and case, 5 alarms with multifunctions (daily, date, 1-month, monthly, reminder text, and snooze), password protected data, Auto backlight on/off, large display, look good, good price.

Weakness: No PC link, hard to use without User's Guide

I have been using data bank watches for many years; this one is the best and also the cheapest. I did not need user's guides to use other data bank watches but they did not last due to plastic casing and bracelet. I hope this new watch will last but I have to start reading the user's guide which is easy to do. I recommend others to purchase this product.

By be459 - Apr 11, 2005

I've looked forward to owning this...

Strengths: Much easier to use than previous models. Larger readout.More attractive than past models.

Weakness: Keys are still not responsive enough.

I've looked forward to owning this new model of the databank watch. The graphics are interesting and the E Mail address storage is quite handy. The increased memory also makes for more convenience. The watch as designed, is much more attractive than the past models.

By weatherman75 - Jul 30, 2004

Casio Data Bank Watch

Strengths: Memory capability, many functions

Weakness: wristband near watch body not flexible

This is my second watch of this kind. I purchased again because of the functionality for the price even though the previous watch's wristband broke because of the lack of flexibility near the watch body.

By anonymous; - Dec 5, 2008

Brilliant and rubbish!

Strengths: Software, functionality

Weakness: Everything about the construction

In the past 2 years:
- 2 pieces have broken off the case (Where case meets strap)
- Buttons on the front have completely delaminated and now numbers are starting to rub off
- Huge crack appeared where strap connects to case
- Strap has pulled out way too much of my arm hair!
- Buckle comes open if you bang your fist on something
- No waterproofing whatsoever
- Plastic face is severely vulnerable to abrasion.

Software and functionality is brilliant. Excellent memo system with search, 5 alarms, calculator... But all cursed by a truly rubbish case.

Buy a Timex instead.

By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2008

The watch seems to be function...

Strengths: Flexable uses

Weakness: Complicated set ups

The watch seems to be function very well and does all that is advertised this type of watch is not for everyone I happen to like a lot of gadgets or bells and whisles.
Over all I would recomend it as a good product.

By anonymous; - Feb 1, 2007