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This luxury level single winder will wind any watch on the market. Provides a choice of five settings; 500 650 800 950 or 1300 turns per day. If you have a watch that requires more than 800 turns per day such as a Chronograph we highly recommend this winder. Additionally the 650 turns per day bi-directional setting is perfect for a Rolex. Call us and we can look up your watches winding needs. his watchwinder has a luxurious fully enclosed case with lift-up front that is fitted with superb quadrant hinges and beveled glass viewing panel. (Click here for: the watch brands this watch winder can wind .) User-programmable control allows head direction and turns per day (TPD) to be optimized for the watch being wound. The sloped front case houses an easily removable drive station fitted with an ironless core gear motor and the drive modules simply lift out to load the batteries. Power is provided by either easily available C cell alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC/DC adapter. A low battery light automatically signals when battery replacement is due. Dimensions (inches) 6.5H x 6.0W x 8.3D. Standard Orbita 2 year extendable warranty.(You can extend your warranty with Orbita for only $50 per year per winder head.) Fully Programmable Watch Winder built for winding hard to wind watches such as any brand of Chronograph and some of the other hard to wind watches like Breitling Daytona etc...Basically if your (or his watch) has more than one winding stem it needs a fully programmable high end watch winder like the Siena 1 Pro to properly maintain the watch without damaging it. This winder will wind every automatic watch on the market. We feel it is an especially good choice for Rolex Breitling Tag Heur Hublot Chopard Breuget and any and all brands of Chronographs. Since it is such a versatile watch winder it will adjust to any watch made. We listed a few brands but we have yet to find a watch that this winder the Siena1 PRO can not wind. (Note: this does not apply to the Siena1 ROTO (rotorwind). You must choose the PRO version to wind everything. The ROTO will wind all bidirectionally wound watches that is over 85% of watches made.) Orbita Siena1 Programmable Watch Winder: Solve your problems keeping those high end Swiss Automatic Watches in time and you on time. This Winder winds every automatic made and is one of the only winders we recommend for tough to wind watches: Best Choice for all Chronographs. Best for Chronometers and watches with multiple complications beyond the standard time and date. Best for any watch with Base Valjoux 7750 movement. Best for these Styles/Brands: Breitling Breguet Panerai Daytona (by Rolex) Seamaster (by Omega) Portugese (by IWC) Patek Phillipe. Also available with the Rotor Wind Easy Winder motor system however we recommend the Programmable version for any watch needing a high turn per day in one direction. Made in America by the leading watch winder manufacturer Orbita. Read our Review on Orbita Winders both Programmable and Rotorwind styles. Why Buy a Programmable Siena? Winds all automatics even high end turns per day watches with ease. Program settings for 500 650 800 950 & 1300 TPD watches. Dual Powered battery or electric. Beautiful. Lasts for ever and is repairable not a throw away watch winder! Duel Powered. Use Standard C batteries or Plug in. Also Available in Privee Programmable Winder Collection ElmBurl_#wo3015 with 5 year lithium batteries. Provides a choice of five settings; 500 650 800 950 or 1300 turns per day. You can call us to look up your watches winding needs here. If you have a watch that requires more than 900 turns per day no other winder will wind it as well as the Siena. The 650 turns per day bi-directional setting is perfect for a Rolex. Siena 13005 and 13006 Use C cell alkaline batteries or Electrical power. Especially good choice for large heavy watches. Shown in Maple Burl but also available in Teak and Elm Burl. The interior surfaces are lined in rich suede. The bottom surface of all cases is covered in suede to prevent damage to fine furniture tops. Click here for a guide to programming your Siena. Maybe you need the fully programmable winder motor of the Siena but also want a super long life lithium battery option? (For sage storage etc) Then you need the Privee Winder. (Winner of WatchCases.com Owners Choice for Best Winder Product award. Privee uses the Siena1 programmable motor but is powered by the Orbita Lithium Battery Pack. Made in America by Orbita WatchWinders. Click to see all Orbita WatchWinders . The standard Orbita WatchWinders Watch Pillow . A video on how to use the Siena 1: Automatic Watches of note which do well with the Siena model. Best winder for Patek Phillipe Automatic Watch Best winder for Chronographs with 7750 movements Best Winder for Breguet with its varied range of movements and high and low turn requirement watches. Best winder for Breitling Automatic Watch Best winder for Omega Automatic Watch Best winder for Panerai Automatic Watch Best winder for Daytona by Rolex Automatic Watch. (Note: most other Rolex models will work on the Sparta or Eilux Winders also.) Ask a Question about this winder. Your Email Address: Telephone Number (optional): Your Message:


Product Title: Orbita (Siena 1 Pro) Programmable Watch Winder by Orbita

Manufacturer: Orbita

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