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Jewelry & Watch Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

2 Star Review With out watch


lofatg - (February 08, 2006) I purchased my Tag back in September of 2005 in the Bahamas because of the price. It was about $700 cheaper than in the states. I love the watch but it has some drawbacks. This model,unlike other Tags,does not have a screw in crown. This brings me to my problem, the crown always pops out and the watch stops. This happend a number of times till the crown came out of the watch completely around the middle of January 2006. No worries it has a 2 year warranty! I sent the watch back through a jeweler that could not give me a time frame on the repair. The watch had to go to the repair center located in NJ. I contacted the repair center on Febuary 7, 2006 to find out that the parts that are needed

5 Star Review WAC1110.BA0850 Formula 1 Men's Stainless Steel Watch


bristolart - (December 11, 2004) I bought this watch becuase I liked the retro formula one style. I have had many compliments on this watch. I have always wanted a tag, the price was right. I am rough on watch crystals. The sapphire crystal has yet to show any wear. I love this watch.

4 Star Review The watch for serious people


majlo79 - (April 27, 2010) If you want to find out the date you have to turn the crown to CAL mode and it still shows you the date from world time. I'd prefer the home time date. It makes me crazy still turns the crown to CAL to see the date in home city even if I have to remain that the world city is 7 hours in advance.

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review GREAT!

Anonymous User - (09/25/2013) Had these personalized with a word in between each cross (4 in all). Look so good!

5 Star Review Beautiful Silver Pendant

Anonymous - (09/19/2013) It's larger than expected and the topaz is very clear. It really is just lovely!

3 Star Review Lovely Bracelets

Anonymous - (09/19/2013) I purchased this bracelet as a gift for my bridesmaids. I love the quality of the bracelets; however, it is a very, very mini-bracelet. I knew this was a mini bracelet, however, I did not expect it to be that miniscule. If you are looking for a larger circle, or square bracelet, then this is not for you; but, on the other hand, if you are looking for a small, pretty, dainty bracelet, then orders this. I am glad that I ordered this because it will remind the girls of my special day with them. The bracelets all arrived in a beautiful Blue Nile gift box â¿¿ perfect for gift giving. Overall, I would recommend this bracelet.

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