Novaform Serafina Full Memory Foam Mattress

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This luxurious 12 mattress is crafted from three layers, each designed to provide unique sleeping benefits. The top layer is designed with premium memory foam infused with gel beads, for a perfectly balanced sleep experience – the ultimate combination of cradling comfort, healthful support and ideal sleep temperature. The second layer is made with our Luratex® CustomWave™ foam to provide resilient support and increased airflow. And the bottom layer of premium base foam delivers added stability and therapeutic support. The three layers, working together interactively, provide an unmatched level of comfort and support. You'll find that they gently adapt to your body's contours, relieving painful pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. You'll fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, with less tossing and turning – and wake refreshed and re-energized. The Serafina mattress offers the deeply restful, restorative sleep you need to be at your very best, every single day. If you have any questions regarding this product please contact Sleep Innovations at 1-888-999-0499. The Serafina mattress comes compressed and packed for delivery, with simple instructions for setup, use and care


Product Title: Novaform Serafina Full Memory Foam Mattress

Manufacturer: Novaform

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