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Love, love,love!

We were looking to upgrade my original tiny solitaire for our anniversary this year. I've had my eye on this set for almost 6 months and when it went on sale it was like a sign from the heavens themselves. The ring without the wrap is gorgeous on its own, the halo and pear diamonds around the center stone really gives it a beautiful vintage look without looking outdated. The wrap gives it so much extra sparkle that you would think this ring is worth at least 5x the original price. The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was that the center stone had an inclusion right under on of the prongs which makes it more noticeable to me, but No one else has been able to see it.

By GabbyT on ZALES - Jul 20, 2013

15th Anniversary

I received this ring from my husband for our fifteenth anniversary!! It's beautiful!! I love it!! :)

By Roxypr80 on ZALES - May 22, 2013


I'm 62 years old & have had many rings and this is the most beautiful and sparkly ring I've ever seen in my life!! It is very substantial and gorgeous!!! I love it!!!!

By Gaga on ZALES - Jan 9, 2013


I just received this ring. What an amazing way to bring in the new year! Its absolutely gorgeous.

By Elated25 on ZALES - Jan 1, 2013

More beautiful in person than on line!

I had been searching for a new wedding set. We have been married for 26 years, and my husband wanted me to have a new set. I could not find anything I liked until I came across this ring. I kept coming back to it everytime I searched the web. We went to the mall "just to look". I fell in love with this set. My husband had them rush the sizing (5) and I wore it home that evening. I have had more complements on this ring than I could have imagined. I just love it!! I have been told it looks just like an antique ring from a by-gone era. I have to agree. The rings from years ago were much prettier than the rings of today. Thank you, Zales, for making my early Christmas present so exciting!

By JeanLSU on ZALES - Nov 25, 2012

Beautiful set!

This set is so beautiful in person, the pictures are not quite as good. It fits comfortably and has beautiful sparkle. It gets compliments all the time, however there is a noticeable inclusion in the center stone.

By KLTms on ZALES - Nov 20, 2012

Canary Diamond Version of this ring

I received this ring from my husband as a new wedding set and we had the center diamond replaced with a fancy canary to make it more unique, plus I was dead set on having a canary diamond. This set is gorgeous and I love it! the bands all fit perfectly together and it sparkles a lot! It looks bigger in photos but is actually just right in person, not too big, and definitely not too small.

By maymarch87 on ZALES - Aug 28, 2012

Could not have asked for anything better!

I saw this ring online and nearly fell out of my chair. After showing it to my FIANCE (I like calling him that) I was hoping it would be the one that he would get....and it was! I love love love it!!! I get tons of compliments and I have only had it 2 days!!!

By MrsShatto on ZALES - Aug 10, 2012

Best Christmas Present Ever

Spotted this ring online but wanted to see it in the store first and I was just as blown away in the store as I was online. My husband got me this set for christmas, it is so beautiful, the diamonds are so clear and sparkle like crazy. Love it and I love the old fashioned feel it has.

By Nurse020302 on ZALES - Jul 6, 2012


I love this ring =] I spotted it online and just had to have it! We got a great deal from the company as well. We had to special order it and with a couple discounts later we got it at a great price. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful it is! Or the "big rock" on my finger comments ;] I dont think its too big that it gets caught on things or in the way. its very comfortable to wear. My only complaint is the ring likes to pop up out of the jacket a lot, which is fine to me because it shows more of the vintage detailing on the sides =]

By Braysmommy on ZALES - Jun 2, 2012

Truly unique and full of sparkle!!!

First off let me say I am an employee of the company and with that being said, you can imagine working around all of the beautiful rings we have could make it difficult to choose only one for yourself. My fiance allowed me to pick out my wedding set and this one won hands down. It is truly a unique setting with the pear cut diamonds flanking the center princess cut stone and then you add the dimension of the wrap with it's flash and sparkle coming from all angles. It is a stunner for sure!!! Do not go by the picture on this one, go in and try it on you will be amazed!

By Jamie1972 on ZALES - May 23, 2012

The Ring Of Dreams

Me and my fiance went ring shopping at zales when he proposed to me because he knew i was the kinda girl that had to pick my ring out myself. When i saw this gorgeous shiny ring i knew it had to be mine. Theres nothing i can really say to another woman in review of this ring except to go and do the same :) We love our men to death but this is something we have to do ourselves.

By pumpkinkisses on ZALES - May 8, 2012

Perfect satisfaction!

I just received my ring this weekend from my now fiance! We picked it out in Jan. and I have been waiting not so patiently for it since then! I have tried it on may times in the store and now I finally get to keep it! My fiance and I have totally different taste and this is the only ring that fits both of our qualifications! We knew it was the one then. This ring has everything! 3 main stones, square, rounded, quantity, quality, antique, modern and a halo! perfect!!

By HappilyBliss33 on ZALES - Apr 9, 2012

totally in love

My husband proposed when I was eighteen, althrough I loved my original ring, when I saw this beauty I knew I had to have it. I sent numerous hints for the past year and half+ and admired it when I visited a Zales. Finally when my husband returned home from deployment, he surprised me early for our five year wedding anniversary! The ring is more gorgeous in person and the milgrain finish adds to the rings already vintage appearance. Aside from the princess cut center diamond, pear shape are my next favorite; the three cuts of diamonds make this ring exquisite. Anyone will be beyond happy with this purchase!

By LeeLee527 on ZALES - Mar 13, 2012

Stunning sparkler

I have been married for 40 yrs. and own a collection of different styles of bridal sets from Zales. I like to switch them off & enjoy the different style & look of each. This is one of my recent purchases. I saw it online & didn't think much about it. I actually went to my Zales store to look at a different set & when I saw this one in person in the jewelry case, my eyes lit up. I had to have them take it out & see it up close & personal. It was absolutely stunning with sparkle to match.No one can miss this ring when you are wearing it. It has a vintage look to me because of the shape of the ring guard & the frame around the princess engagement ring, but the pear stones to each side give it an unexpected touch of contemporary.. I love, love, love it !

By catmommy6 on ZALES - Feb 4, 2012


My husabnd and I have been keeping our eye on this one for over a year! It became a regular conversation in my house. Yesterday he suprised me by picking me up from work and taking me to the store where he had the ring waiting for me. I am so in love with this ring and my husabnd! I receive so many compliments. I cant stop looking at it!

By SoInLove4 on ZALES - Jan 18, 2012

Absolutely Amazing!!

My fiance did a wonderful job picking this ring as my engagement ring/bridal set!! I couldn't ask for a better ring. The style is very unique - I haven't seen another like it on anyone. My mother has requested visitation rights since she enjoys to just sit and look at it. I'll admit I have larger fingers than most women (never a 7), and on my hand the ring shines and looks amazing!! Also, Zales was very quick with the resizing - my fiance knew it had to be resized before he could propose. He was told 3-4 weeks but it only took about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.

By Dekin on ZALES - Dec 30, 2011

picture does not do it justice

I love this ring. It has so much sparkle and shine you can't help but notice it. The picture cannot begin to show you how beautiful it really is. You will not be dissapointed with this purchase. Sales people were great! Thanks.

By Tuber on ZALES - Dec 13, 2011

Love It !! So Perfect

After over a year shopping for the perfect ring i found 3 at zales i had to have. So i let my boyfriend pick out his favorit,. Im so happy that he picked this one,, It looks so pretty on and off. I know i liked the vintage kinda look and like most ppl i dont want my ring to look like every one elses. And this was the rign for me, You will not be sorry.

By BFAlexander on ZALES - Dec 5, 2011

<3 LOVE <3

I just got engaged before my fiance went overseas. I fell in love with this ring while browsing online a while back for rings. My fiance had told me long before we got engaged to pick out any ring I wanted. I was so excited when I finally got this ring, I am in love with it! I got so many compliments on it the first day I wore it! I can't go anywhere without getting compliments on this ring. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS/STUNNING! worth every penny too!

By peebs on ZALES - Nov 8, 2011


My fiance and I saw this ring on line while browsing and instantly fell in love with it. When he proposed, the ring was everything I had hoped for in person. The picture on the web site completely does it justice and there isn't much to say negative about this ring. Everyday I wear it, I love it as much as the night he gave it to me, and that's saying something, considering we women often change our minds. No regrets or complaints with this purchase!

By Kimmer1712 on ZALES - Nov 5, 2011


My husband bought this for our 38th wedding anniversary to replace my old wedding band. I am so in love with it! It's fabulous! I've had it for a month and still find myself looking at it like a young bride!

By beetlebab on ZALES - Oct 30, 2011


My fiancee was badly injured after a terrible incident that could have cost his life, so imagine my surprise when he proposed to me in front of friends and family (barely able to walk). I was very grateful but knew the ring he proposed with was not "the one". I commend him on his efforts but when I saw this ring online I INSTANTLY knew that was my ring. We went into the store and the wonderful sales manager order this ring right away. This ring sparkles and glistens like none other. I can not stop looking at this beautiful ring and adore the man that put it on my finger. I am truly blessed to have both. I would recommend this stunner to anyone! As others have said the picture does it no justice.

By soon2bewife on ZALES - Oct 14, 2011

Stunning Ring

This ring is absolutely beautiful. I have had my eye on this ring for over a year now, and my fiance finally popped the question in September. I have received so many compliments on just the engagement ring, and with the wedding band it is just STUNNING. There are exactly 100 smaller diamonds on the band and around the main diamond, along with the 2 pear shaped diamonds, so this ring really sparkles. I am very pleased with the ring and haven't had any issues or complaints! :)

By 1234S on ZALES - Oct 9, 2011

A Dream Come True!!!

My turn to tell about this beautiful ring I recieved from my new Fiance. My heart was really set on this ring after seeing it online. I sent hints to my fiance and we even talked about it. On Aug. 23rd, my birthday, I was surprised with my dream ring. This is the most beautiful ring when you actually see it. I can not stop smiling, nor can I stop looking at it. Thanks Zales for creating my dream ring.

By Roni37 on ZALES - Aug 23, 2011

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

My husband bought this ring for me after I showed him online and after we saw it in the store. I already had a 1/2 ct princess cut solitare, but was wanting to reset it into another ring. The Zales store we went to did just that. I was not at all impressed with the center stone they had in the ring and had I not had my stone then we would not have bought it. With my original stone in this gorgeous setting, it is absolutely breathtaking!

By randyslady on ZALES - Jul 28, 2011

My dream ring :)

My fiance proposed to me with this ring on July 23rd 2011 right before his deployment. I had been looking at rings for months and I had my heart set on this one. When the price went back up I didn't think I would be able to get it and my heart was broken. My fiance surprised me with a proposal and my dream princess ring. It's so gorgeous in person and I get compliments all the time. I still have to get it sized down but I don't want to take it off to get it done.

By FutureSoldierWife on ZALES - Jul 27, 2011


Before we got engaged, my husband and i would go to Zales and look at all the beautiful rings while visiting his sister who worked there. I told him i was not a big ring kind of girl because my fingers are so small (size 4 1/4), but if i had bigger fingers i would love to have this ring. To my surpise he bought it for me anyways a few months later and proposed. It is absolutely breath-taking and fits perfect!

By 1luckychica on ZALES - Jul 17, 2011

Oh how it sparkles...

I have had this ring bookmarked and the hint sent to my honey for weeks. Today, I got to my dream set. Having them on my finger truly made me feel like a bride. The way they sparkled in the light made me feel loved and very spoiled! They are so beautiful, I'm sure that I will be spending much time staring at them and wondering how I got so lucky!

By MSsBabyGirl on ZALES - Jul 1, 2011


My fiance proposed to me with this ring on New Year's Eve and I was shocked. I was so stunned at how beautiful this ring was it took me a while to get "YES!" out. The engagement ring is beautiful all on its own and I get compliments on it all of the time. I can't wait to put the wrap with it and really have a stunning ring!

By MissMN on ZALES - Jun 17, 2011

Speechless , The first time ever in my life ,

The picture on the website does not do this ring any favors, I received this ring as an upgrade to my original ,( 1/3 ct , solitaire marquise cut ) on our 10th wedding anniversary . When I opened the box I was in shock . This ring is stunning and man the compliments I have received are many, the dental assistant at my dentist told me i was blinding her with the glare of the light reflecting off of the ring . I am so in love with this ring and the man that gave it to me !!!!!

By kmccauley281 on ZALES - Jun 3, 2011


My husband proposed when I was 18 and so we got a ring I liked and could afford. Last October he decided it was time for my upgrade and he picked out this ring online. I fell in love with the picture but when we went into the store it took my breath away even more!! It is amazing and I have been wearing the set for 8 months and he still catches me staring @ it! Its really beautiful and affordable, some people have even thought it couldn't be real because its sooo gorgeous!!

By ToniaATL on ZALES - Jun 3, 2011


My soon to be husband presented the engagement ring to me the other night and it took my breath away!!! The ring is beautiful and when put with the set, OMG!!! Everyone who has seen it falls in love with it. The pictures don't come close to the set in person. Guy's if you are looking for a ring to take her breath away this is it! Girls if your man picks this ring for you, you got a keeper!!!

By on ZALES - May 26, 2011

This ring is BEAUTIFUL <3

My husband ordered this ring online for our 2year wedding anniversary, I was so anxious to see what he had choose for me. & when he gave me this i was stunned it is soo beautiful & I love the style. I couldnt stop looking at it.,and still can't! He did a great job picking it out :) You have to go look at it in person pictures don't do justice !

By Julikevin on ZALES - May 4, 2011

More beautiful than imagined

I have been married for 13 years and my current ring was costing me more money for repairs that my husband and I liked to put into it. I lost a diamond for the last time and put it away. I knew when I was ready we would start looking for the replacement. When I had seen this ring online, I knew that is the one I would end up with. Our sales associate was most helpful and genuine. We felt confident with the purchase. I absolutely LOVE this ring for its shine, old fashioned beauty, and charm!!! It is definitely a serious symbol of love!

By Lovie on ZALES - Apr 21, 2011


My fiance bought me this ring on March 8th 2011, from the Zales store in Corsicana TX...the ring is absolutly gorgeous!! I`m having the wedding band resized to fit , but the engagement ring is perfect fit! My friends call it the ROCK, and it sparkles so much, and other friends say they have seen nothing lke this ring before, from the look, style, jewellery shop has anything like this here in the UK. The staff were wonderful and friendly, and very helpful, my soon to be husbands family have purchased all their jewellery from this soon for the last 45 it really is a place to buy your jewellery!!

By amnethyst on ZALES - Mar 16, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous!

My husband and I had looked at tons of rings, and none of them caught my eye like this one did. I looked at it several times online and finally went to Zales in Slidell, LA, and as soon as i looked in the glass i spotted it. We decided to purchase it there on the spot. It is a beautiful ring and i get lots of compliments. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

By Mississippigirl88 on ZALES - Mar 5, 2011


This ring is perfect. The best part about it is the fact that the ring guards are connected. You do nto have to have them saudered.

By MEEEE on ZALES - Feb 23, 2011

Oh My Goodness

the picture does not do this ring justice , before I received it I had second thoughts because of the image online. I was just not sure if I really would like it but when it arrived I opened it and almost fell to the floor. it is absolutley stunning I have had it for a week now and have ran into the wall at least three times because I was looking at my ring and not where I was going , if you are on the fence about this one just wait till you see it, you really have to see it in person it just makes me speechless.

By kmccauley28 on ZALES - Dec 19, 2010


This is a 2nd marriage for both of us. We both fell in love with the vintage look. It has an eye-popping appeal and looks so beautiful. I am wearing the engagement ring alone and everyone says, "Wow!" But even more beautiful (like us) is when they are joined together. I LOVE MY RING!!!

By cricket66 on ZALES - Dec 15, 2010


I helped my fiance pick this ring out and its gorgeous. The online picture doesn't do it justice. We went to so many different places to look at rings and we kept coming back to this one. The ring is beautiful as is but I had the center stone upgraded to a certified near colorless 1ct diamond and its absolutely stunning. I was shocked when I went back to the store to pick it up, I just couldn't believe how amazing it looked.

By TexasGirl on ZALES - Dec 1, 2010

Such a unique gorgeous set! I love it!!

I went to Zales to try on rings with my boyfriend, and I saw this set and tried it on. I INSTANTLY fell *IN LOVE* with the rings. On it's own, the engagement ring stands out beautifully. And when you put the whole set together, it's just gorgeous and very sparkly. The center diamond is only 1/2 carat, but with the pave diamonds all around it and the pear shaped diamonds on either side, it looks amazing! This set is more for the woman who likes a vintage look, but a more updated version. I would recommend upgrading the center stone when you purchase this set because the one you will try on in the store has poor clarity, but a clearer stone makes this set unbelievably beautiful.

By blondie4auburn on ZALES - Nov 8, 2010

My Jaw Dropped

My Fiance and I had been looking for rings and when he sent me this ring online I was really excited. When he gave it to me, my jaw literally dropped! I was speechless. This ring is gorgeous and sparkles constantly and from every angle. It literally sparkles in the dark. When I was wearing just the engagement ring I got a ton of compliments and now that we are married and I wear the entire set, I have strangers non-stop compliment me on my ring. I couldn't be happier and I still can't stop looking at it :)

By NewBride25 on ZALES - Oct 29, 2010

15th Annivesary Gift

My wonderful hubby of 15 yrs got this beautiful ring set for me for our Annivesary. I couldnt ask for a more beautiful ring,sooooooooo nice. If you like classy and classic things you will love this ring. TIMELESS !!!

By Raina on ZALES - Oct 20, 2010


My Husband and I spotted this ring online and instantly knew it was the ONE! After having our local store order it, we were completely floored when we saw how much better it looked in person. It is absolutely beautiful. We are both very happy with our choice and look forward to shopping at Zales in the near future.

By Wife2be2010 on ZALES - Oct 20, 2010

Great Vintage Ring

Great ring for the price. We took advantage of a promotional in-store sale. Couldn't be happier with the service and quality of the ring!

By AleDyana on ZALES - Sep 20, 2010

It was perfect!!

As my fiance and I started to look I knew I wanted something more traditional and vintage. He wanted something very unique. This ring was absolutely perfect!! I have gotten several comments on how beautiful the ring is.

By Layne on ZALES - Sep 2, 2010

I love my ring!!!

My now fiance and I looked at rings together and when I tried on this ring, I just knew it was the one. It looks elegant without being too gordy. I am a very simple person and like a simple look. But, when he proposed and showed me this ring, I was ecstatic

By Angelbyday on ZALES - Jun 28, 2010


i am really picky so i decided to look for my own ring. my boyfriend and i went everywhere i saw this one online and ordered it at the store all i can say is love at first wont regret it!

By NIU08 on ZALES - Jun 1, 2010

Perfect Ring

This ring is perfect for the girl who is both classy and romantic. It has a victorian feel, and a million sparkles. I love this ring!

By hapilyEngaged on ZALES - Apr 17, 2010

Too Perfect

As soon as I saw this ring I new it was the one for me. It sparkles waaayyy more than what is shown through the picture. Its like a million fireworks shooting off of your hand. This ring would make any woman happy. :)

By wsmomma on ZALES - Nov 19, 2009