Sunnywood 2520S Sunnywood Rhinestone Topsy Turvy Tiara

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A tiara is a fun accessory that every girl wants to wear at some point in their lives - whether it is for a celebration, prom, a wedding, a dance recital, an addition to a Halloween costume, or even just so she can feel like a princess for a day! Wearing this tiara is sure to make you look and feel more beautiful than you already are and sure to bring smiles to everyones faces that you see while wearing it! You can clean Rhinestones with a q-tip and alcohol. Water should not be used in order to avoid tarnishing the foil backing of your Rhinestone piece. You should wipe down your piece with a dry soft cloth each time after it is worn, and then put it away to store in a dry place• Tiara


Product Title: Sunnywood 2520S Sunnywood Rhinestone Topsy Turvy Tiara

Manufacturer: Sunnywood

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