Chef's Choice 610 Premium 100-Watt Electric Food Slicer

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Product Title: Chef's Choice 610 Premium 100-Watt Electric Food Slicer

Manufacturer: Chef's Choice

Lowest Price: $128.99 from Quill

Power Score: 4.9 | 7 Reviews

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We purchased the Chef's Choice slicer when our old slicer stopped running. This slicer is extremely well made. It is a pleasure to use and easy to clean. Very good design. I have nothing negative to say.

By ROBERT on Home Depot - Feb 5, 2013


This slicer works great for a small inhome unit. Easy to use came assembled and ready to use. It's light and can be put right back in the box for storage.

By tabbooo on Home Depot - Sep 20, 2011

I wish I had this slicer years ago!

Strengths: Slicing meats super thin. Also this slicer is heavy enough and stays put unlike my other slicer.

Weakness: I haven't found any yet.

I use to dread slicing a roast beef with my old slicer because the meat would shift and the slicer would move and I felt like a need another hand. By the time I was finish, my counter would be a mess. Cleaning up would keep me in the kitchen while everyone else relaxed elsewhere. I needed something that could handle larger roasts and be sturdy enough not to move on my counter. This slicer is...
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By jdc929926 - Sep 15, 2008

Very satisfied

Strengths: Sturdy; High precision

Weakness: Shouldn't every food slicer come with both a serrated blade and a non-serrated blade?

My wife and I were shopping for a food slicer to complement our kitchen utilities and we were having difficulties deciding between this 610 (around $90 - $100) and its higher models 630 and 632 (around $200 - $250). It appeared to us that the only limitation on this 610 is the lack of tilt function and hence the food has to be pushed horizontally (v.s. possibly dropped vertically). But since our...
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By mozillafirefix - May 30, 2008

A quality slicer at a great price

Strengths: Low price, reasonably sturdy, uniform slices with large adjustment in width possible, safe but still easy to clean.

Weakness: Large and fairly heavy, new blades and sharpeners are expensive

Recently, I began to search for an electric food slicer. The main reason that I wanted one was to cut bread for sandwiches. I make a lot of homemade bread, and those of you with this hobby know that baking a very light bread can be quite a challenge. Squishing it with a poor cut is therefore very undesirable. Manual cutting also makes it more difficult to achieve uniform, even slices. I did a lot...
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By skrull - Feb 12, 2008

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