Vollrath 60 inch Infrared Food Warmer 1380 Watt 120V

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This 60 inch long Vollrath Cayenne infrared food warmer features a reflector designed to generate maximum performance and keep hot foods at optimum serving temperatures! An annozied bright aluminum heat reflector generates more even heat over your food display area, and the reflector and heater assembly is field adjustable so you can direct the heat pattern to suit your application. Its lightweight, aluminum housing is durable, and easy to mount. Two screws allow quick service access to the heating element. Additionally, the element is sheathed for greater dependability and longer life. This Vollrath 60 inch infrared 1380 watt food warmer is hard wired (does not include cord and plug) and supplied with a 6 inch pigtail lead wire. UL and NSF Listed. 120V, 1380 watts, and draws 11.5 amps. Please consult the specification sheet for detailed measurements, installation requirements, electrical requirements, and additional information. Back72723 from VOLLRATH COMPANY LLC


Product Title: Vollrath 60 inch Infrared Food Warmer 1380 Watt 120V

Manufacturer: Vollrath

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