Krups 402-70 Butcher Shop Meat Grinder

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Product Title: Krups 402-70 Butcher Shop Meat Grinder

Manufacturer: Krups

Power Score: 2.5 | 2 Reviews

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same crop as the rest of Krups

Strengths: a lot of attachments

Weakness: weak motor low quality blades

I have this product for many years. It chews meet when grinding, leading to juice separation from the meat, and paste like grind. Unit clogs very easy. You will definitely not get the quality of the grind you get from professional grinders (like in supermarket). In-fact, I never use this device for beef anymore, since you get a much higher quality grind in supermarkets. The quality of grind is...
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By dtaranov - Sep 28, 2006

Bought this product because of...

Strengths: Grinds meat qickly, and the parts that come into contact with the meat are metal and easily cleaned.

Weakness: The metal parts need to be dried thoroughly after cleaning to prevent rust formation. Would be better if metal parts were stainless steel.

Bought this product because of positive experience with other Krups products. This item is manufactured in Europe which for me is a high selling point. Was disapointed after the first use due to rust formation after cleaning in dishwasher. Subsequent cleanining by hand and thoroughly drying have eliminated the rust problem.

By mlhudson - Mar 29, 2004

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