Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker


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Cuisinart makes it faster and easier than ever to treat friends and family to rich and creamy gourmet ice cream. The Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker has a built-in compressor-freezer, so there's no bowl to pre-freeze. That means frozen desserts are ready to enjoy sooner. Processes batch after batch of scrumptious ice cream, fruity sorbet, silky smooth frozen yogurt, and even your favorite ice summer drinks. Just add the ingredients and turn it on. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Product Title: Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker

Manufacturer: Cuisinart

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Power Score: 4.5 | 15 Reviews

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Fantastic Ice Cream Maker!

This is a fantastic ice cream maker. Very well built, and contrary to what I read in some reviews I do not find it any more noisy than a portable mixer, and more quiet than a food processor or blender. The ice cream it makes is delicious and a little more solid than soft serve, half an hour in the freezer and it is just like store bought in consistency. My husband loves it too and often makes his...
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By dj1937 on Home Depot - Jan 13, 2012

Great Ice Cream!

I bought this for my wife for Christmas and we've used it several times over the holiday since. No need for ice and salt, just pour in the recipe, plug it in and turn it on. It takes about 40 minutes or so to freeze up, but ends up more solid than the old school mixers and the end result is very very good. nice and creamy..

By MalibuSkier99 on Home Depot - Jan 3, 2012

LOUD, But makes ice cream

I wish I would of got out my SPL meter to measure decibels of how LOUD this maker is. I just used for the first time tonight made the chocolate ice cream. The plus side it made the ice cream in 45 minutes . I scooped it out of the bucket and put it in the freezer to firm up as the directions say. I will keep the unit even if it is loud. Just do not plan on watching tv or having a conversation...
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By Browninggold on Home Depot - Dec 9, 2011

Ice Cream Maker

Mamaw and grandson made and ate some icream they made together in one of these. A day or 2 later grandson's dad wanted to take him to the dairy queen for an ice cream cone but he said "no", he wanted Mamaw's ice cream!

By papawj98 on Home Depot - May 2, 2011


The product works. It's fairly heavy to pick up and move and appears to be solidly built and clad in attractive stainless steel metal. The motor housing on the top is plastic and seems a bit more flimsy. It's billed as "commercial grade" but I doubt it would hold up to heavy daily use. Perfectly adequate for a home user though. You pour/place your ingredients into the receptacle (the metal pot...
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By Davidinnyc on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2011

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