BlendTec Blendtec ICB3 13Amp Commercial Smoothie Blender - 110V Refurbished

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This Blendtec ICB3 Smoother has been refurbished by by a certified 3rd party to perform just like new. The number of chores this commercial smoother can do will spin your head. The high-powered Blendtec ICB3 blender will blend products like frozen fruit & vegetables, ice and grains turning them into your favorite smoothies, sauces, salad dressings, and even ice-cream! Initially created for use in bar wells, the footprint of the ICB3 is the smallest in the blending industry and has become the desired blender for coffee shops, bars, restaurants and ice cream vendors. What other commercial blenders consider to be extreme, Blendtec ICB3 smoother will blend and crush it with ease. What is the secret behind this blender you ask? Blendtec blenders are made out of top of the line robust materials including: Massive and powerful 1500 Watt 13 amp motor Aggressive & tough double-sided stainless steel blade Durable Polycarbonate jar that provides maximum performance and clear visibility Simple to use computerized controls Blendtec ICB3 commercial blenders are designed to perform in a high traffic environment. Included with the blender is a sound enclosure that reduces noise created during blender operation so you and your customers can easily converse without hearing the blender noise in the background. The lid of the Blendtec ICB3 is designed to allow air escape during high speed blending and does not seal completely. This allows the Blender to be used in high traffic settings. To completely seal the Blendtec when it is recommended that the Sound Shroud is removed and lid is held down. For maximum versatility, Blendtec ICB3 Smoother can be mounted in your counter-top. In addition to that, this blender features a 110v input so you don't have to worry about custom electrical work. Just plug it into your standard outlet and let the blender perform.


Product Title: BlendTec Blendtec ICB3 13Amp Commercial Smoothie Blender - 110V Refurbished

Manufacturer: BlendTec

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