Philips EnduraLED 12W 120V PAR30S Dimmable Flood Warm White 2700K Light Bulb

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The 12watts PAR30 Warm White 2700k Philips EnduraLED PAR30S indoor reflectors with high brightness LEDs are suited for track and recessed lighting. Energy saving, long life LED PAR long and short lamps install into existing fixtures, can lower cost with reduced wattage and re-lamping frequency. Benefits - Philips is the global leader in light and a leader in LED technology. - Philips knows LED light and stands behind the EnduraLED products with a warranty. - Philips' commitment to innovation and quality provides the confidence of partnering with an industry leader.Features - Warm white light. - Ideal for overhead track fixtures. - High brightness indoor flood lamps. - Application performance close to 50W Halogen PAR. - Offers 15 year rated average life, if operated 8 hours per day, 7 days per week. - Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels (Designed for Leading Edge TRIAC dimming systems) - Available in 11Watt Par30L and Par30S in Soft White, Warm White, and Cool White versionsApplications - Perfect for track and recessed lighting.Check our attached PDFs for the Philips Dimmable Compatibility and our Philips EnduraLED Dimmable Compatibility


Product Title: Philips EnduraLED 12W 120V PAR30S Dimmable Flood Warm White 2700K Light Bulb

Manufacturer: Philips

Power Score: 4.0 | 1 Review

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Great, but not perfect

I have bought many of the Ecosmart LED bulbs for my use and my clients. Actually I have bought over 90 bulbs and all are working. However, I changed all my existing incandescent flood lamps in my kitchen ceiling cans to the 40 watt LED floods and one can over the sink got a 60 watt LED bulb. The problem is that the 60 watt bulb takes about a 1/2 second to light versus the instant on of the 40...
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By EveryDay on Home Depot - Oct 21, 2012

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