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Commercial Dishwashers - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review get's my dishes shinney clean

angie - (05/29/2013) Very Happy with my dishwasher! Glad I bought it forsure!

4 Star Review Countertop Dishwasher-Small & Mighty

jersey30 - (05/14/2013) I received this item and was excited because it fit perfectly where I needed it to fit and was easy to install. Because I have very limited space I enjoyed the design and ease of use. The problem however was that while it seems the features would have fit my needs, the quality of the components are a bit flimsy. The back fittings fell apart after a few uses and kept leaking during the cycle so I had to put some elbow grease into it and really fit them tightly and add some washers to make it water tight. I should have been more suspicious when opening the item and noticed water was already in the system as it appeared that it might have been a returned/refurbished item from someone else but it did do the job. Home depot in my experiences has always stood behind their products so for that I will continue buying their products and will rest assured that should I have problems they will help me resolve them. This brand however is not one I would recommend for purchase if you do have the space and can accommodate a more durable machine.

4 Star Review This a very good product for small light load dishes, were very happy with it.

GP62 - (05/10/2013) Product does what it says it will do..This a very good product for small light load dishes, were very happy with it.

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