Frontgate 18-piece Commercial-quality Aluminum Telescoping Duster Kit - Frontgate


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Ostrich duster with extension handle. 360-degree ceiling fan blade duster head and chenille fiber duster pad with extension handle. Combo window washer comes with two washer heads, two chenille covers, and three squeegee blades (6, 12, and 16).. 3-piece bulb changing kit for CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and incandescent bulbs along with a broken bulb changer.. Gonzo brush head. Refined and improved through years of testing, our Commercial-quality Aluminum Telescoping Duster Kit features a telescoping aluminum duster pole that delivers 16 ft. of sturdy, wobble-free reach. This duster kit now includes four additional 2 1/2 ft. extension handles that allow you to easily clean areas up to 19 ft. high. The 18-piece kit features an ergonomic grip, integrated angle adapter, and easy-attach accessories to clean hard-to-access places. . . . . . Hammer head duster with extension handle for hard to reach places such as under appliances. . Bendable fluffy microfiber duster with extension handle . Includes storage bag for accessories (pole must be stored separately) .

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Material: Chenille, Microfiber


Product Title: Frontgate 18-piece Commercial-quality Aluminum Telescoping Duster Kit - Frontgate

Manufacturer: Frontgate

Lowest Price: $149.95 from Frontgate

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