T-Fal Pro Thermospot 12" Fry Pan E9380864

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Pro ThermoSpot 12 Fry Pan

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Product Type: Frying Pans


Product Title: T-Fal Pro Thermospot 12" Fry Pan E9380864

Manufacturer: T-Fal

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Power Score: 4.0 | 5 Reviews

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fry pan warped badly after a few months

I have an electric flat top stove. When the fry pan was new it sat nice and flat on the stove top. After a few months of use (only use pan once or twice a week) the pan is badly warped and wobbles when placed on the flat top stove. I am always very careful with my pans and always let them cool before hand washing them. I also always used a small amount of veg oil while I was heating the pan. very...
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By chiefbillyboy on Home Depot - Feb 24, 2013

No wonder it's an America's Test Kitchen Best Buy!

Been using the 2 pans I bought for a out 4 months now and have to say they are the best I have bought in Non-stick. Both the Calaphon and Todd English "Green Pan were burn't, stained and other wise sticking after just 3 months. no sign of wear on these fair priced pans.

By eccewbd on Home Depot - Oct 15, 2011

best nonstick saute pan

just what" cook's illustrated " rated as the best nonstick saute pan - found at home depot.

By ladj on Home Depot - Oct 4, 2011

Pan is OK, Non-stick Surface is Exceptional

I tried this pan after reading a review by Cook's Illustrated. The pan doesn't quite live up to the hype, but it is a very good pan nonetheless. The cooking surface of the pan is nowhere near 12.5 inches, as the sides have a very strong curve. In addition, the sides are a bit shallow for my preference, so flipping food or working with saucy dishes can be a challenge. The bottom of the pan is not...
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By swilson113 on Home Depot - Oct 4, 2011

This pan is a super size and easy to use.

. I would suggest people use the soft end tools to move food in the pan to protect the surface for a longer life. Also, I always use a litle olive oil to coat the pan prior to use. These are just helpful hints to keep this beautiful pan in top notch shape. Home Depot has a wonderful price for the pan with quick delivery

By Pookie on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2011

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