Tread Trim A Home 28in Lighted Christmas Nativity Blow Molded Set


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The Blow Molded Nativity Set Puts a Holy Glow into Your Holiday Season This Lighted Christmas Nativity Set glows with the true meaning of the holidays. Featuring Mary, Joseph and the little baby Jesus, this set is more than simple seasonal decor, it s a reminder how the biggest holiday of the year had humble beginnings. Designed to bring a soothing glow to even the coldest nights, this trio uses three incandescent bulbs to spread a message of peace and good will to all who pass by their brightly lit presence. Easy to set-up, this Blow Molded Nativity Set works with any standard household outlet or extension cord, both indoors and out, so no matter where you want to spread the message and meaning of Christmas, you can. A delight for the eyes, built for season after season of wintery wonder, bring these three holy figures home for the holidays, and enjoy the light and life that come with them.


Product Title: Tread Trim A Home 28in Lighted Christmas Nativity Blow Molded Set

Manufacturer: Tread

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Power Score: 4.4 | 34 Reviews

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The perfect nativity scene

A bit pricey for plastic but it survived the elements the 1st year. I plan to add the other sets to complete the scene.

By mrzitro on Home Depot - Apr 1, 2013

Good price, availabilty, poor workmanship.

For this being an American made product it did not represent America very well. It was poorly made and painted. the paint would bleed into other parts of different color. eg: the robe of Mary would bleed onto the White dress below. There was a piece of plastic, from the hole punched out to put the light in, freely moving around inside Jesus lying in the manger. Mary had haunting eyes which she...
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By Glug on Home Depot - Feb 3, 2013

Exceeded my expectations!

Very nice product, can't wait until next Christmas to display the set. Nice size and colors on the figurines.

By Krahawk on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Very pleased. Obvious the quality is good. You can see why this product has been around for years.

The nativity scene sits just outside the door to my shop/Man cave. I like to make it more attractive to the drive & walk by traffic. I anchored Mary & Joseph with bricks and zip tied the baby Jesus to the bench. The lighted cans underneath we're a craft project from my grand kids. Keep the box and easy to store.

By Grandpa on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2013

A solid product

I found this Nativity Set to be a solid product, but I was glad that I got it on sale at the end of season. It is important to read the box and note that you need to buy the 60W standard light bulbs for Mary and Joseph. Putting sand bags in the bottom of Mary and Joseph also help them to stand up without blowing over, I used gallon sized freezer bags with sand in the bottom of the figures. These...
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By TheLorDisMYshepherd on Home Depot - Jan 8, 2013

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