Universal Studios Monsters Express Halloween Electric Train Collection

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Universal Studios Monsters Halloween Train Collection the Ultimate Terror Express! Exclusive Halloween Decoration! - Now here's a ride that really will send shivers up your spine, the FIRST-EVER Universal Studios Monsters Halloween train collection - the perfect Halloween decoration! You'll feel that first tingle of terror with the arrival of Issue One featuring the impressive steam locomotive and coal tender. Next the frights just keep coming with Issue Two, a classic train car, which includes a FREE Dracula figurine and 16-piece HO gauge track. Then your Monsters Express train collection continues with Issue Three, another train car, which includes your FREE Frankenstein figurine and power pack. Additional Universal Studios Monsters train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.‡A Hawthorne Village exclusive, this unique Halloween decoration idea just may be the coolest creepy Halloween collectible you've ever seen - and it's a terrifyingly terrific movie collectible too! Watch with horror as this illuminated Halloween home decor flies along the tracks, the engine headlight and passenger cars aglow with eerie lights! And look! They're decorated with portraits of the classic Universal Studios Monsters - Dracula, Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolf Man, and the Mummy! Go ahead, climb aboard, we dare you - but don't wait to own this extraordinary Halloween decoration! Strong demand looms, so order now!


Product Title: Universal Studios Monsters Express Halloween Electric Train Collection

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