Corelle 16-Piece Dinnerware Set - Country Cottage

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The Country Cottage collection epitomizes a time-honored, traditional style. A delightful design, painted in sweet, soft hues, gives this collection a wonderfully romantic appeal. Corelle thermally bonds three layers of glass together, forms the shapes and then tempers the glass to give its final strength. To complement the plates, the rims of the soup/cereal bowls are decorated with thin blue and green stripes. A 16-ounce cooler accompanies the set and an identical vine pattern adorns the top of the frosted glass.

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Product Type: Sets

Color: White


Product Title: Corelle 16-Piece Dinnerware Set - Country Cottage

Manufacturer: Corelle

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Power Score: 5 | 19 Reviews

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Durable, light, thin, clean, and nice pieces of dinnerware

Strengths: Durable, very light so they can be carried to the top shelf comfortably, very thin so they take up less storage space, and good looking on the table. Easy to clean too.

Weakness: The small bowls don't have the same design as the small and large plates. The cups look totally off from the overall design.

This set is very good quality of dinnerware. I have two sets to accompany 8 individuals. The small and large plates belong well together in style. The small bowls are a bit off though colorwise they are pretty similar. The cups are in all blue while the rest of the set are white with small green-blue design along the edge. I like the fact that the bowls and plates are thin, light, durable, and...
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By pasu - Nov 27, 2007

Corelle lives up to standard

Strengths: Great stacking, superior durability

Weakness: Edges can get minor chips

I love Corelle because it stacks so well and loads in dishwasher efficiently. The Country Cottage set is no exception and looks good to. The design has neutral colors that both male and female can like with a not too busy pattern. One plate had a small dark spot on the edge but it is hardly noticeable and the rest of the set is flawless.

By FloydTheBarbarian - Nov 27, 2007

Convenient for every day use

Strengths: light weight, microwaveable, durable

Weakness: mugs are little heavy, old country design

bought 2 sets from amazon, it's really great product. A very practical every day dish. I am extremely pleased with the product. Its a must buy and value for money.

By amitkhare77 - Nov 26, 2007

Convenient for everyday use

Strengths: durable, beautiful design

Weakness: none

I bought these to replace my heavy stoneware set.Corelle is the best brand I know. The durability of their plates and mugs is amazing. You never get tired using them they always look new. I liked the design of this set. It simple and beautiful.This set is reasonably priced. These are great for everyday use.

By syfareed - Nov 21, 2007

Great pieces of Dinnerware at Great Price

Strengths: very light and durable

Weakness: none as of now

I've been using Corelle products for more than 6 years now. I bought one more set recently from Amazon at a great price. Been using the new set as well as the old set together, and sometimes I can't tell the difference between the (6 year old) and the new one. This particular set looks classic.

By venuraju - Nov 21, 2007

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