Cuisinart 15-Piece Knife Set with Storage Vault

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Product Title: Cuisinart 15-Piece Knife Set with Storage Vault

Manufacturer: Cuisinart

Power Score: 2.2 | 6 Reviews

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great vault

love my vault and would love to purchase more for gifts but can't locate it! Love that it keeps the knives clean and easy to use.

By judynlance@hotmail.com_6995056 - Jun 18, 2013

Cuisinart knives suck!

Strengths: Pretty in the box.

Weakness: Rust

I've only had the knives for one week (bread, utility, chef, etc). I have the ones with the black and silver handle. They have been used once this week and after their first washing they have rusted. Thought that Cuisinart was a reputable company, but this experience is causing me to rethink purchasing anything with their name on it. The customer service number that they have published on their...
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By GrapevineGirl - Apr 21, 2010

CuisineArt's Knife Vault Set

Strengths: Convenient & Safe Vault.

Weakness: Cheap Quality & Bad Services !!!

I paid more than $220 for this knife vault set. I first got it, but the Vault was already broken, so I tried to contact the warranty company "Lifetime Hoan/Lifetime Brands". I was so disaapointed with their incredibly Low Quality Services, they took 2 months to send me a replacement, and even worse, they sent me a Wrong Item to a wrong name & address ! Later, they told me that they no longer...
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By whoisamy2 - Oct 29, 2007

Great Set!

I purchased this knife set a couple of weeks ago. I am very pleased with the performance of the knives. The only problem I had was trying to figure out how to unlock it. Otherwise it is a really great product, especially if you have children.

By Kriss on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2006

I wish I would have bought plastic knives ... then I could just throw them out ...

Strengths: They are pretty ... and that's all!

Weakness: - They rust and spot - bought them in January 2006, started rusting, replaced March 2006, started rusting again. I wash and dry everything by hand; I don't even own a dishwasher.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT -- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I have contacted my Cuisinart representative in my city and they stated Cuisinart will not replace the knives; that I must keep them clean and oiled. I have never oiled a knife. Please keep in mind these knives are stainless steel (blade and handle) AND I paid about $300 for them! I do not recall a care manual included in the box. I am extremely...
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By billielane - May 29, 2006

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